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Have you ever wondered if you can be happy? You’re not alone. We all have moments where we wonder that same thing. Danny Worsnop’s song Happy offers a unique twist, and his music video is an innovative addition to his song about wanting to feel happy and feel good. An accomplished and talented musician on the scene for over a decade, he’s covered genres from metalcore, hard rock, electronicore, and more. He is widely considered a musical jack of all trades and a master at genres. He’s also been praised for being able to sing anything.

The Meaning Behind Happy

He has said that Happy was written about his never being content or never being satisfied. He always needs to do more and be better but feeling like he never will. Danny has also said that mediocrity is not pleasing to him, and Danny works hard to strive for perfection. Danny has said that he is much happier than he has been in the past, but he’s not satisfied just yet. He thinks everything can be better, and he doesn’t want to be satisfied, believing that it causes stagnancy.

Source: Danny

The song Happy begins with a turquoise background and a stick figure with a circle head. As the song starts, the stick figure’s face watches you before closing his eyes and listening to the music. Then he begins to sing and move. While you wouldn’t think that a stick figure would be that expressive, the animation in this video is exceptional. It helps you feel connected to the music. Moving his arms and body with the song, we hear his soulful crooning as the lyrics wash over us. Upon reaching the chorus, his voice sounds saddened, and we can listen to his pain throughout the song. We can only imagine how expressive his eyes would be for fans if they got the chance to see him live.

Maybe Someday

Earning praise for the song, fans have come out in support and feel that they relate to the music personally. It’s easy to do because there are times that we all struggle with our emotions. In those times happiness can seem like a fleeting moment. But it’s there, and we can grasp it. In places, we feel as if the figure wants that for himself as well.

Source: Danny

When the singing stops, the figure places his hands to his chest, creating an upside-down heart as the model closes his eyes. Almost blissful, he bobs silently. However, when the guitar solo comes in, his eyes switch from scrunching closed and headbanging to the calmer and relaxed pose we see first. As the song picks up, the figure screams that he wants to be happy though he knows he never will. Leaning from the sides in a swagger like motion, he continues as the music begins to crescendo. He continues the song, while the guitar keeps playing in the background though the figure captures the entirety of your attention. When the music has reached its fateful end, there is a smile on his face, which leaves fans hoping that maybe he will find true happiness someday.

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