Freedom In The Field

Have Fun At Freedom In The Field

Do you miss concerts and the thrill of being able to hear music? Well, check out Freedom In The Field! It’s a drive-in dinner and concert event that will take place on the 29th of October. It’s an adult-only event and will cost you seventy-five dollars to cover the cost of food. You will be able to have a boxed dinner with non-alcoholic drinks and great entertainment. That makes this the perfect event for a date or a night out with friends.

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To enjoy Freedom In The Field, all you need to do is relax in your car and tune in to the concert from your FM radio. It is offers you the opportunity to have a great time while maintaining your safety at the same time. The event will start at six PM though the show itself begins at seven-thirty. It will feature Ellie and Drew Holcomb, and it promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. If you choose not to stay in your car, you can exit it, so long as you are still right outside your vehicle. They do ask that you do not go further than that.

If you can’t get to the event in person, you are in luck because they offer Livestream passes as well. That is a comfort to those still not wanting to go to locations with many people. However, the event will follow safety guidelines to ensure that everyone is safe, and they will be sending out a safety email as an additional precaution.

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