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Is It The End?

Gerard Way has been in the music industry for ages and is still going strong. My Chemical Romance is responsible for memorable tunes from our youth. We rocked out and embraced our inner selves, or screamed at the top of our lungs. Gerard’s solo song is no exception. Here Comes The End has been both admired and hotly debated as it rose to the top of everyone’s playlist. The video is simple, with only a few images to get you to pay attention to the song’s lyrics instead.

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Inspired by season one of Umbrella Academy, which is based on Gerard’s book series, he said one scene stood out in his mind. When he heard one line from the show, he became inspired and began to work on Here Comes The End. The song offers an air of rebellion with some jagged pieces along the way. Teaming up with Judith Hill, their voices let them shine while giving the song a glam rock feel that most didn’t know they needed.

Here Comes The End

When listening to the lyrics, you can hear both of them clearly, and while it may seem like the two are battling back and forth, you will notice that their voices compliment each other beautifully. They both have powerful voices, and the vocals produce a result that sounds hopeful and strong despite the negative pictures and singing about impending doom. The song is quite catchy, and despite the lyrics, you may find that you have the urge to dance. How’s that for the end of the world?

Because My Chemical Romance’s plans have been delayed, fans were grateful and delighted to see that Gerard had released a single. When Gerard released it amongst the pandemic, the debates began about the true meaning of the song. While some believe that things will continue on a downward spiral and see it as depressing, others have pointed out that he is encouraging in the lyrics. Thus, many believe that the song means that once the world is through with particular challenges, everything will be new and that the world would be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. A profound message that most could use right now as things are so horrible.

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Stay Together

While the song deals with the world ending, which can be pessimistic, there is also the fight to find hope and stay together. The song refuses to go quietly and brings Gerard’s personality to the surface, which fans love. In a time where the world needs some hope, it’s great to hear Gerard sing that we’re all going to get through this. By taking a stand, we can be optimistic and stand strong together. This is where the rest of the debaters came in with one strong message. Live for today and let love stand against the horrors we face.

Most importantly,  we should all stand strong together, united. The words of the song and Gerard’s voice telling them to keep going is inspiring people to try and see the light instead of the overwhelming dark. However, if the world continues to go through it, we’ll take a page from Gerard and put on a pot of coffee.

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