Over the weekend, The Fusion Press had the chance to experience the 10 year anniversary of Third Man Records, Saturday, April 6th 2019. Our continued partnership with Lightning 100 gained us exclusive access for this all day event.

The first hot day of the year made for great weather during this mainly outside festival. Lines were long as Third Man Records moved festival goers in quickly. Fans gathered around the rolling record store and other merchandise tents to purchase merch and anniversary memorabilia.

Ben Neely Photography

Todd Albright in the Blue Room. The Blue Room was packed tight as Todd started his set.

Teddy and the Rough Riders at 7th and Middleton for the Third Man Records 10 years Anniversary.

Craig Brown

Jack White walks on stage to hand out awards to long time employees.

After the awards Jack White introduces Lillie Mae onto the stage.

Alison Mosshart takes the DJ spotlight just before Jack Whites mom walks on stage to introduce The Raconteurs.

8 years later The Raconteurs walks on stage promoting their new album, “Help Us Stranger” out June 21st 2019 via Third Man Records.

To top off the evenings events The Raconteurs have made available open subscriptions for Vault 40 through April 30th (12AM CST). Click Third Man Records link below:

(All photos produced and provided by The Fusion Press for Lightning 100)

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