Parents: A Candid Conversation

Parents, the Los Angeles rock band whose hilarious music videos and wacky social media stunts have been entertaining music fans throughout the Pandemic recently sat down with the Fusion Press’ Lauren Alexis Wood to share the details on their latest album, Shitbrain 2.

Aaron, the lead singer and face of the band is an old friend of mine, from my days in LA. It was amazing to catch-up and see that these guys are still up to their funny antics. Right off the bat I wanted a refresher on the band’s origins and its current members.

“The band started in 2006, since then it’s been a revolving door of amazing musician friends. This current line up has been together for two years now. I met Cody at Sam Ash in Hollywood 7 years ago. I met Brock at a show we did about 8 years ago, he was in a great band called Barrows.” Aaron explained.

I’d recently seen a hilarious video the band had released, an unofficial homage to former Vice President Joe Biden (WATCH IT HERE). I had to get the scoop.

“The Joe Biden song was actually written a cappella by my friend Mike who goes by Major Entertainer. He was doing an IG live stream and just started singing Joe Bidens name while driving. I like to make fun of politics on social media and that’s been the theme of the promo campaign for the new album, Shitbrain 2, which we are releasing on CD and digitally on October 30th. Other than that I prefer to keep my personal politics to myself, no one likes a preachy rocker!”

Next I wanted to know the details on the new Parents album.

“Shitbrain 2 is a spiritual sequel to our 2010 album Shitbrain. I re-did three of the songs from the original and there’s other thematic consistencies. Shitbrain and Shitbrain 2 are all about doing the most you can with almost nothing, both albums were recorded with very lo-fi equipment. This time I recorded 95 percent of it on my phone!”

I was also curious about what Parents had been up to during the pandemic. Without live shows and appearances I wondered how the band stayed busy.

“Our last show was December of last year, the last time we played together was in Feb. Since then I’ve been working on the new album. I’ve collaborated remotely with a few friends, that’s been a new interesting way of doing things. We currently are in preproduction for either a livestream or pretaped show, more details on that will be forthcoming on our media accounts.” Aaron continued. “I’m a talk show junkie, these days I’ve been spending my days binging podcasts and talk shows. I’m also doing a lot of comedy videos and editing. Cody lives in my apartment building, I’ve noticed he’s been doing a lot of gardening and cooking. Brock’s been working with his sister who has her own hot sauce and sandwich pop-up business.”

Check out the band’s latest music video, Rock Candy.

Check out the band’s entire discography on Bandcamp. You can also follow the band on Instagram and Twitter. The band is also on Spotify and Apple Music.

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