Red is a Canadian Rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. Formed in 2002, they have been a staple in rock music with their powerful lyrics and their music’s intensity. With the release of their album Declaration, you can feel that this is different than the other albums that came before it. Heavier than other music they have produced, it is a fantastic album. More importantly, it is an album that has stayed true to who the band is. Many have declared it the best album they have ever written and thought it should be in a movie. Others have said they believe the band deserves a worldwide tour so that people can experience the haunting melody live.

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When fans were able to hear The War We Made, they got to feel a deeper connection upon hearing the message behind the music. As humans, we all make mistakes. What what many don’t realize however, is that we bring pain on ourselves without meaning to do so. Their song also hit in a time when most of us are feeling the same way. Many of us wonder how we are doing, the internal pain we have now, and the war we currently rage silently within our souls.

What Does The War We Made Mean?

The song is about the ability we have to cause destruction in our own lives. When we do this, we aren’t always able to see that it’s us causing the pain instead of others. Most importantly, it can take us too long to know that we have to be willing to fight to change ourselves if we want it to stop. The video has already resonated with fans and leaves us wondering about our day to day lives.

Source: The Band

Starting as a live show complete with the flashing lights and building anticipation, you hear the emotion in Michael’s voice when he sings. Each pass of the camera sees the band members getting caught up in the song as they begin moving with the music. The beats get more robust, the emotions deeper, reflecting as the camera sweeps over the audience. Some have their hands raised in the air as if waving to a friend. Others have clenched fists and look as if they are seconds from bursting into tears.

What We Are Left With

As the song continues to the verse, you see time slow down as his voice calms. The time quickly begins to move again as his voice rises, and the camera pans to the fans’ emotional responses. All of them are watching the stage now with arms raised, moving back and forth with the music perfectly encapsulating the mood before beginning to raise fists in the air once more as the music intensifies. We can feel chills rising as his voice reaches higher. Fans have said his haunting voice is what makes the song so real and so profoundly personal. Finally, the music slowly dies away, and the screen fades to black. As it does, you are left wondering what destruction you may have caused to yourself. But, you also feel a desire to fight for a change.

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