“Let’s Go,” Sam Lex’s Latest Release Out Now!


Sam Lex is an up and coming artist from Florida who recently released the heartfelt hip-hop single “Let’s Go.” His musical genres are interchangeable from hip hop to rap to pop-punk. His latest release is the perfect kick-your-feet-up and cruise track, riddled with nostalgia and a yearning to dreamy California. 

Lets Go Out Now

Sam created this song with his family in mind where California was the ultimate muse. Specifically an ode to his mom, who sacrificed a chunk of her life and left her home behind. As a grown man, he found solace in getting back to his roots, bringing his family back to California and finally breathing a different kind of air.

“Let’s Go” is a ballad of a place that makes everyone fall madly in love. It’s a rendition of a guy who feels like his roots have been planted in California, and he’s determined to restore what once was.

Sam recalls the exact moment when the song came to fruition:

“It all started with a phone call. My mom was moving, and I couldn’t let her go without me, so we packed up and hit the road together. Along the way, we got into some trouble, but we finally arrived safely.”

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