Bothering the Band with Rapper Chelzzz

Born and bred on the streets of Detroit, but now basking in the Miami sun, Chelzzz is a unique voice in the hip-hop landscape. To put it bluntly, she is unlike any rapper you have ever seen or heard, doubtless. A significant supporter and role model of the LGBT community, as a lesbian rapper the scrutiny she faced throughout her life morphed into motivation for her music and an unwavering will to keep grinding. Chelzzz not only tests the limits of gender order, but she also tests the limits of the rap game with her scratch recipe of intricate beats, bars for days, and a cadence that can’t be replicated. Trust us, she will either love you or cut you, but you better get on the Chelzzz train now, because she is on the cusp of cutting up big time.

1. Who is your favorite rapper of all time?

Shit, that’s a hard one…I’d have to say Ludacris or Eminem.

2. Have you ever shopped at American Eagle?

(Laughs) Yeah. They have dope boxers.

3. If a genie granted you one wish, what would you wish for?

I want a dick for one day…totally wanna know what it’s like to really be a dude and fuck bitches. Hope I’m allowed to say that.

4. Are you happy with the bank you use?

Fuck yeah, they just approved me for a loan on a new Porsche. TD Bank is the SHIIIT!

5. What were you like in high school?

Voted class clown, I was always in trouble. I used to drive around in my old beat up Escort hitting people’s garbage cans for fun. I sold drugs to all the preppy kids so I thought I was a gangster. When I gave my first mixtape away I got made fun of, so it’s funny to see how people changed their tones.

6. Kit Kat or Twix?

Fuck, it’s chocolate give me either one and I’ma smash.

7. What’s your uncle’s name?

(Laughs) I have A LOT. Lonny, Jim, Ron just to name a few.

8. Do you have a secret talent and what is it?

I can DJ with my mouth and beatbox like a champ. I also give really good head, cuz I’m a courteous lover, and make a mean medium rare steak.

9. How would you dispose of a dead body?

Chop that shit up, rent a boat and throw it in the ocean

10. What was the very first CD you ever owned?

Usher’s 1807!

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