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Lost Trees

Lost Trees Has A Candid Moment

I had the chance to speak with Jonny of the Lost Trees, and he was willing to give me the scoop on what’s happening with the band. The music that they are releasing for us has been in the making for a long time. As the pandemic situation was rising, however, they couldn’t get it to us as quickly as they’d like. Thankfully, we do have the release of their new EP to keep us satisfied, and it is incredible. As they had played high profile shows in the last year, the pandemic may have slowed their momentum, but not the drive.

The band’s goal is that they hope when the live shows begin again that people can know the music, but rock out simultaneously. Everything that they have played live has been from their new EP. As such, people haven’t known what it was supposed to sound like. At the same time, however, it was a special treat for fans as they enjoyed the band’s latest music each time they saw them perform. One of the things that they had planned for fans was a headlining show for the EP release. Unfortunately, that didn’t get to happen, but we still have the music thanks to the band.

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Lost Trees Origin Story

Hailing from South Florida, Lost Trees received their name from Lord of the Rings. There is a particular scene in the trilogy where the Ents carry Sam and Pippin on their backs. They speak to them of the female trees and how no one knows what happened to them. They are known as lost trees. That resonated so much that Lost Trees was chosen to be the name of the band.

Several unique places resonate in Florida for the band as well. A personal favorite location of the band is Soundbar. The band has enjoyed playing there many times, and fans know that they can find them there. In addition to that, they have seen hundreds of shows being played there. It was also the place that the band had wanted to have the release show for their CD. Another area they love is the Orpheum. It is credited as being a special place where the band enjoyed playing the biggest shows in their career. They can’t wait to play in both venues again and see the fans.

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Lost Trees Hidden Talents

In their free time, which is rare, the band enjoys playing video games. However, the entire band is heavily involved with music at all times. As such, free time doesn’t happen very often. When they get a second off, though, they enjoy escaping to another realm. In particular, Austin is a massive fan of World Of Warcraft. Jerry has recently bought his first PS4, so there is a whole new world to explore for him. Jonny likes to play whatever is good, so we can imagine the band’s fun on a rare night off. 

Jonny was generous enough to share another tidbit because he has a hidden talent for skateboarding, though he hasn’t done it in many years. After a friend got injured, it made him more cautious, but he did enjoy it for a time. One thing he revealed about his band mate, however, is Austin’s hidden talent. Austin can sing, and he can do it well. Though he doesn’t do it on the record or the current music, Jonny is hopeful that he can convince him to do it in the future. Jonny has even written parts for Austin, hoping to persuade him to share his gift. 

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The Meaning Behind Sonder Eyes

They tend to stay busy, however. Like other bands, they run their social media, and it lets them connect to fans better. In particular, fans will be getting to enjoy the release of Sonder Eyes. Their new EP, Sonder Eyes, was a labor of love that took years to come together, and they enjoyed working with Joey Durango. In addition to Joey, they were able to work with many other talents that helped make this EP an extraordinary piece of music and a killer video.

They were able to create a video that holds a profound message that people need to see. The idea behind Sonder Eyes is based upon the word Sonder itself. Sonder is the feeling you get while being aware of the people in your life and the people in their own lives, according to Jonny. He says it’s the overwhelming feeling you experience when realizing everyone has dreams, hopes, and complex lives.

It’s about knowing that we are all in this together. He feels that this is a message that everyone needs to hear most, especially in times like these when it seems that we have nothing but chaos. The idea is that everyone makes their own mistakes, but to remember that people are trying their best.

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Sonder Eyes Music Video

The video depicts Jonny and Austin getting into trouble and having to go to therapy ordered by the court. They have made a mistake that placed them in a difficult position.

Now you will see how each person in the video responds. Hitting both ways that a person could react, Jonny’s character is more receptive to the therapy and making a change, while Austin’s character meets therapy with anger. As such, he ends up getting into more trouble. As a result, Jonny gets to live a better life, while Austin ends up suffering at his demons and choices.

With powerful lyrics written long ago, it seems that the video’s message was waiting until fans could use it most, and he’s hoping that fans will be able to connect with the music and take away the message behind it. One thing that they want for their fans is that the music makes them feel good when the rest of the world could be making them feel awful.

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Finding Inspiration

Most of the music’s lyrics are written primarily by Jonny and are under the umbrella of self-awareness. In addition to that, they are also about striving to be better each day. With the video Sonder Eyes, you see the message is ultimately hopeful, although you see the darker side of emotions. You see how people can feel as if they don’t have the strength to move on, though that doesn’t have to be the case.

When writing, life experience is the biggest inspiration for Jonny, though he says the band mates offer inspiration. They will come to a writing session, and they will have a comfortable yet creative environment. When this happens, everyone’s unique individuality shines, and they can come up with something incredible. Hearing the passion, he speaks about his band members; you can hear the pride in his voice that lets you know they aren’t just a band. They are a family. They work well together, and though they have to travel for two hours to see each other and practice, it works well for them. It motivates them to work harder and ensure that they are getting the maximum effort out of their time.

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Come Together

Jonny asks that his fans take away a special message. He asks that fans know that as individuals, we are capable of being better. We can watch out for others as well as ourselves. We have moments of hope and some that are less so. If you listen to music, you will hear that this is what they are trying to convey. We get caught up in things that don’t utilize our time, such as the fake life that people become obsessed with on Instagram, and there are much better uses for our time and our lives. By trying to be better, you can be more self-aware.

He hopes that everyone who has a passion for music is also helping others. That could mean sharing posts or videos. We should support each other and come together. That way, we can lift each other during this crisis. Fans should stay on the lookout for upcoming live stream shows and watch for new music. They are planning on getting back in the studio at the beginning of the new year, and we may get to see and hear some great new music and videos! You can also see the latest the band has to offer at the bands official website.

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