Emma Ohm released her 2019 track titled ‘Eternal October’ today. The track is a different breed of your normal experimental day to day listening. Featuring a collective sound of eerie electronic drum sounds and strings, the track sets the mood for a dark mood and lets your mind drift away into a relaxed yet worrisome mentality. The vocals push out a strong vibe of strength that’s being chased by the sounds of haunting screams setting yourself into the music as if you were in the middle of the setting itself. We had a chance to catch up with Emma recently and interview her on her new single as well as her plans for the future. Check out our interview below.

How long did it take you to cut this single from start to finish?

I wrote the entire tune in a couple of weeks. I wrote the lyrics while I came up with the production. However, I waited a year before finishing up the details. I initially thought I would never release it, but come October of this year, I decided to make the move.

Did your vision or outcome of the song change by the time the single was finished?

The vision absolutely changed. Initially, I wrote it from a very personal place- it was about a toxic relationship that I was putting a close on. However, a year later, I realized I wanted to make it about something far outside my personal realm.The story this song is telling is one that many women nowadays seem to be dealing with. Essentially, it is about being taken advantage of, and feeling powerless as the process unfolds.

Does this track have a deep meaninging or spring from a time in your life that prompted the creation of the track?

It absolutely has a deep meaning. October is consistently one of the most challenging times of the year for me. I feel it is the month where the veil between the spirit world and the real world is the thinnest. Where as some people can listen to this track and think of rape, domestic abuse, and feelings of powerlessness, at its very core, it is about being ?trapped?.

Is there a particular structure to the song that you were strong to stand by for album flow purposes or were you open to the outcome of the single and going in a different direction?

This song had a very specific structure. I initially produced the entire thing myself, but toward the end of the process, I had my very talented friend Sam Sagins step in and elaborate on some of the instrumentation. However, I was the main brain behind the different sections. For instance, while the song has a typical verse chorus form, once the ?bridge? hits, the whole vibe changes. After the first half there is one of the most intense, heartbreaking outros I have ever written. From day one, I had a clear vision of the story I wanted to tell.

Do you believe this track sets a certain tone for your future music?

This track may seem to set a certain tone for my self-produced tracks, but I feel that I am always evolving, so I don?t feel it?s likely that this will be the only genre I will ever produce. Up until this point, I have mainly released music from my self-titled funk-soul band, so people hearing this dark, intimate side of me is surely a bit of a shock. However, I definitely am open to producing more light-hearted, energetic tunes if I am inspired to do so.

What other musical influences guided you in the direction of your music?

So many! I think for this track I was really influenced by Jeff Buckley, in particular his song ?Grace?. Though the instrumentation is much different, I feel that we are both exploring really difficult topics with our lyrics and our storytelling. For me, ?Grace? is a song that is tempting the devil and teasing fate, with lines such as ?I?m not afraid to die?. For me, it is bravery like this that creates a true artist.

What are your ultimate goals with your music and where you would like to end up?

My concrete thesis is still a bit up in the air, but basically my goal is to create a world out of my music. I am a go-getter, a visionary, and a ?sky is the limit? kind of gal. Aside from writing music, I am also obsessed with dancing and making videos. I?d love to put all of these elements together. That being said, I think one of my biggest long term goals is to have a visual album.

How have you progressed musically in this new music compared to past tracks you have released?

My compositional abilities have greatly improved. On my past record ?Weightless?, all three songs were played with my band, so I didn?t have to think too specifically about certain details, whether it was the drum fills or the bass line. The last single I released, ?Celebrate with Fireworks? was my first self-produced single that I put out. That tune was much shorter, so it was a bit easier for me to get all of the elements to sound smooth. With ?Eternal October?, I really had to trust my instincts.

What inspires you to continue making music?

Living in Nashville is really great. Most of my friends are also musicians, and I find that whenever I?m around others with similar aspirations, my drive increases. I also just have so many emotions to express? I?m a highly sensitive person and I know I would explode if I didn?t have an outlet for every damn emotion.

So the new track is about to drop? What?s next?

Next I am going to switch gears a bit and focus on my endeavors with my soul funk band, Emma Ohm and the Resistance. I am planning to drop another single in April, and over the summer, I hope to release our album ?Shaggy Head?. The sky?s the limit baby!

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/2pbEVaJq9lTROW8wBGZTgv?si=RWGZeqY5TyOjS-aRKfXtbQ

WEBSITE: https://emmaohmofficial.com

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