Drey Zemnovich

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth!” ~Alan Watts Andre (Drey) Zemnovich has been chasing the ecstasy-saturated essences of Reggae, Rap, R&B, and Rock & Roll since he first could swivel his hips like Elvis. Born and raised in NYC, Drey prided himself on never settling down into one particular crew or style: from the “Ravers to the seer of visions; to the painters, the pipers, the prisoners, and the shiners”, Drey always had an eye for seeing the brilliance in the nuanced hues of every facet of the great creative mosaic. “Visionaries find beauty in flaws; idiots find flaws in beauties!” is a quote from one of Drey’s novel’s which best encapsulates his weltenschauung (worldview). With a day job being a successful fitness trainer and coach, with an emphasis on studying and instructing to his students Zen, Peaceful Martial Arts, and Mind-Body-Connection, Drey is one of the vanguards in trying to amalgamate myriad Plant Medicines, particularly Cannabis with the fitness industry. Drey has worked as a journalist for a Cannabis-music publication, assistant editor of a fashion/lifestyle publication, and is a published author, with his personal writings dealing with Shamanism, Consciousness-expansion, psychedelia, and the quintessential Rock n’ Roll vibes! Drey is co-host of the newly launched podcast/interview show titled: Working Title Radio and plans to open-up a Cannabis-gym called High∞Chi Fitness in NYC in 2021. “Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.” ~Lao Tzu