YUNGBLUD with Games We Play & The Regrettes at Saint Louis Music Park

During YUNGBLUD’s The World Tour he has had a mix of openers from Jean Dawson and Caspr but during his stop in St. Louis, Games We Played and The Regrettes brought the crowd to an amazing level on a Friday night. Out of both bands, I have heard of Games We Played only because of TikTok with his song Get A Job but realized during his set that I’ve heard more than just that one song. I’ve heard Hey Ben that features Hoodie Allen and I Hope You’re Happy. The fun didn’t stop there during his performance as the third song was a short rendition of The Killers Mr. Brightside which was one of the best covers of the song that I’ve heard in a long time. Being a 3-piece band, Game We Played really knew how to rock the house. The same goes for The Regrettes. The girl band plus two were extremely entertaining and took the audience to the place they needed to be as YUNGBLUD was about to take the stage. During shows, I’m always impressed by the amount of energy opening acts puts on for the show even if it’s only for 30 minutes and The Regrettes are no doubt in that mix. As they played song after song, the entire crowd jumped although the mosh pit that Lydia tried to start didn’t turn out as she planned.

Throughout the entire show the crowd grew and people were ready to see YUNGBLUD perform. One of the best parts of the concert was seeing the different people attend. I saw older generations, children, teenagers and even the employees rocking out during the entire show. At most shows that I attend or take photos at, you only really see one type in the audience but this wasn’t the case here on Friday night. Seeing this made me happy to see that his music brings everyone together, and I can personally say that I will be bringing my kids to his next tour if he stops through the St. Louis area.

Now, before I start I have to say that I have heard YUNGBLUD’s music very little. This isn’t because I don’t like his music, it’s just simply because with two small children I have a limited amount of time to listen to my own. With the Mario soundtrack or Blippi taking over, I can say that I have missed out on his albums and since his show at St. Louis Music Park on Friday, July 21st that I’ve been listening to his newest self-titled album every chance that I can get even though it was released last September. The show was exactly how I would have imagined it through the photos of some photographers that were in the pit during his Ascend Amphitheater show in Nashville, Tennessee just a few nights prior, full of energy and non-stop entertainment. As I was taking photos, I would catch myself watching the show for a few seconds and not actually doing the job I was supposed to be doing. From my own experience, if any artist or band makes you forget what you’re doing even for a second then you know it’s a show that’s worth watching. Although I’ve been taking photos of bands for over 6 years, I still get lost in the shows that get my full attention so there’s a big possibility that I missed some great photos but it was 100% worth it.

The tour isn’t over yet. Check out the last stretch of his tour at the link here and don’t forget to check out his latest single “Lowlife” that was released on June 7, 2023.

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