Jake Wesley Rogers with Stacey Ryan at Old Rock House

If you haven’t heard of Jake Wesley Rogers, you might have seen him from a few talk shows or even through TikTok for his hit song, Pluto, on his latest EP, Love. 

To start the concert, Stacey Ryan performed a few of her big songs including “Fall in Love ALone” and “Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk”. Now, I’ve listened to her for a while now and found her, you guessed it, from TikTok. Stacey even performed a jazz rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’ which a video doesn’t do it’s justice! 

As Jake Wesley Rogers hit the stage, all I could think of was that he reminds me of the today’s version of Elton John with the stage presence and style. When you go to one of Roger’s shows, you are entertained by the dress changes to the overall feel of how he presents himself on stage, especially the small one at Old Rock House St.Louis so I can only imagine how his performance changes with more room and larger crowd.

If you haven’t been to Old Rock House in St. Louis, it’s definitely a great venue although it might be a little small depending on who you came to see. With tables on the main floor and upstairs, you’ll be able to find a great place to hear the stage, however, if you want to have a good view of the entire concert then get there early to make sure you’re close to where the action is.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Jake Wesley Rogers play live, you should. His music is upbeat and his shows are nothing but love for all of his fans. Although his tour is almost at an end, follow him through Instagram and catch a future tour of his as you won’t be disappointed! 

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