3Alphas Dysfunction

3Alphas Debut Dysfunction

3Alphas is a group that will change the face of the music industry and the way people listen to music. Their goal is to bring the world real music with the combined talents of Mr. Wes, Corbin, and T3. Each man carries a unique individuality to the music, making it resonate with fans on a deeper level. Their new album Dysfunction promises to create music that fans will love.


Formed on the cold, rainy night of October 2019, 3Alphas brought together three friends from across the country. Corbin (Dallas, TX), T3 (Portland, OR), and Mr. Wes (Washington, D.C.) All members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, 3Alphas reintroduced real R&B to the music industry. At the core of the group, they write, arrange, and harmonize, and most importantly, they sing. The R&B trio brings back what groups of the ’90s were known for doing. Everyone could genuinely sing, each voice played a part in creating a full sound, and at the end of the day – THEY SANG.

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3Alphas sang their first note for the music world in December 2019 by covering the Christmas

 favorite “Mary, Did You Know?” It delighted fans to hear soulful music with real heart. Given an urban harmony, this group followed the momentum by releasing their debut single “Please Come Help Me” and summer smash “Good Tyme” in 2020. Good Tyme instantly became a fan favorite, and the band’s smooth and silky voices are why fans are ecstatic to hear their new album.

During the pandemic, 3Alphas kept busy both in the studio and out globally – a newborn son, a new career, and a new home. Their voices continue to be heard as they share their lives through music and social media engagement with fans.


The trio is ending 2020 on another high note. Their debut album, Dysfunction, will be released on November 17. Afterward, this will be followed by their holiday album in December. Dysfunction showcases the band’s skills, versatility, heart, and soul. It’s precisely what the music industry needs to fill the void. Their dedication and passion shine through each note.

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