The Foxies

Getting to bother Rob, Jake, and Julia of The Foxies is owed directly to my amazing compatriot Lauren Alexis Wood who had the pleasure to interview this fantastic band for this fine publication a few months ago. Thus, I gave her the pain of stepping on her back to steal her thunder, because she did the hard work to dig into this funky bunch of beautiful fools who have let two of us bother the three of them for The Fusion Press repeatedly. And we’re in the deep end now…

1. Have you ever gone scuba diving?

Rob: Yes, many times. My sister and brother in law are certified deep sea divers…get it deep sea divers, but no they really are.

Jake: Nope! Planning on it.

Julia: Nope. Plan on it tho 🏼‍♀️

2. Fleet Foxes or Jamie Foxx??

Rob: Jamie Foxx.

Jake: Fleet Foxes on the speakers, Jamie Foxx on the screen 🙂

Julia: I feel like I have to say Jamie…because he’s Jamie.

3. What’s the last thing you stole?

Rob: Intentionally stolen: A skateboard, but that was when I was a teenager. Down the back of my pants and up my shirt. Unintentionally: Water from Kroger.

Jake: A tiki mug that I now use for coffee…

Julia: Hot sauce from a restaurant in New Orleans.

4. Have you been binge watching any shitty shows during the pandemic?

Rob: I don’t watch shitty shows.

Jake: I’ve been binge watching my old AC/DC boxset live DVDs…the farthest thing from shitty haha.

Julia: Honestly…they’ve all been really good shows!

5. What’s the one t-shirt you’ve had the longest?

Rob: My Vintage Michael Jordan Home jersey. I’ve had it since I was a wee lad.

Jake: I wear a bunch of my dads shirts from the 60s and 70s, and I have a shirt from tennis camp in 2005 that still fits.

Julia: My American Idiot Green Day Tee From 5th grade. Still fits!

6. Would you rather have to play stand-up bass for the rest of your days or the keytar for a year?

Rob: Stand-up bass all day, for the rest of forever. JAZZZZZZZZZZ!

Jake: Keytar. It’s gonna make a comeback way stronger than upright bass.

Julia: Oh, keytar. Because when I’m done with that I can move on to stand up bass.

7. Do you have a specific time you always charge your phone?

Rob: While I’m gaming.

Jake: At night, when I go to sleep, but otherwise it’s madness and unorganized.

Julia: 11:11pm.

8. What’s the most grown-up thing you’ve done today?

Rob: Connected my Ring to my new wifi.

Jake: Mowed the lawn.

Julia: Made a dope ass sandwich.

8. What’s the most grown-up thing you’ve done today?

Rob: Connected my Ring to my new wifi.

Jake: Mowed the lawn.

Julia: Made a dope ass sandwich.

9. Would you rather be drinking a Capri Sun in Brooklyn or Sunny D in Arizona?

Rob: Capri Sun in Brooklyn because that means I can have NYC pizza soon there after.

Jake: CP in B!

Julia: Capri in Brooklyn. All day every day. Sorry Phoenix.

10. What color shoes go best with Goth Disco?

Rob: Light up platform shoes with studs!.

Jake: I am not an authority figure on this…but as far as I can tell, my Doc Marten’s go pretty great with anything, anytime.

Julia: The colorful color of an oil spill at a gas station.

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