Wild Love: A Candid Conversation

Wild Love

Wild Love band members Brandon and Mike sat down with The Fusion Press’ Lauren Alexis Wood to talk about their new music, album art and what they’ve been up to after the Pandemic cancelled their highly-anticipated fall tour dates through the UK and Ireland.

Wild Love. They’re your new favorite band (according to Instagram). However, after taking a listen to Seasonal, their latest single (now available – LISTEN HERE), you might feel a familiar sense of home. There’s even more on the way as the band plans to release a number of singles in a batch of new music in the coming months.

The songs are accompanied by conceptual photographic art done by Hannah Hall who the band feels helped bring the songs to life.

When I asked about the cowboy theme, Brandon spoke up. “I was driving one day and saw a 65 year old man with a beer belly in a Canadian tuxedo and a white hat carrying a bouquet of flowers standing at a bus stop and he just had to be on his way to win someone over. I felt a little bit of myself in that cowboy.”

“These songs are going to tell the story of a relationship. The highs and the lows, not just the sweet moments. Love is the single most discussed topic in music and we want to capture that in this collection of songs.” Mike explained.

During the pandemic Wild Love has been busy, even though plans were repeatedly cancelled. Mike explained their change-of-plan strategy, “Everyone’s world changed in March with the Pandemic and we suddenly found out that our fall tour through the UK and Ireland would have to be put on hold until next year so we decided to pivot our plan.”

Since, Wild Love has played several live streams and they have songs lined up to release for the next few months. They’ve also been writing again during the downtime, not to mention learning to record and getting comfortable in the studio.

Despite the ups and downs of this year the band feels confident in the new music and we can all look forward to seeing them back on tour next year.

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