Cover Me

The Hunna

Get In The Pit With Cover Me By The Hunna

If you have a passion for alternative rock, then chances are you’ve heard of The Hunna and their new single. Cover Me takes you on a night in the pit where the music is thrumming through your body. Listen to it envelope your mind and put your senses on vibrate. Having come back from a situation that has caused them great strife, Hunna rebounded right away. Their record already has everyone talking and Cover Me has been watched on repeat. Teaming up with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, this is one video you don’t want to miss. 

Cover Me is a cathartic release

Members have said that this album and the music have been a catharsis to let out different emotions for them. You can feel the release for yourself in Cover Me.! has the official video for you to check out as well as the others from the album. With the world being as horrific as it is, the video has a message for people. It’s to lose yourself in the music and the pit. Experience the moment as two young people fall in love while dancing and living the night like it’s their last. As you are pulled deeper into the video, we are opening to an experience that makes the couple feel untouchable.

Let’s fall in love

Cover Me begins with a woman locking eyes with a man while they dance separately. They continue to lock eyes with each other as the pit rages around them. Looking shy, they slowly reach for each other while coming together in a kiss. Once they break apart, they continue their dance as the magic of the pit washes over them. As the chaos continues, they begin to cling to one another. The world slowly fades around them, focusing only on the couple as they experience love.

Fading in and out to everyone around them, the main focus stays on the couple. They don’t forget the party behind them, but it’s not the main focus anymore. The couple dances silently aware of everything while being apart of it all. The world will continue spinning, and the music will play on, but they have found each other. The lyrics cry out ‘all I see is you,’ and we see ourselves watching the duet. Their hands slowly intertwine and two gazes lock, bringing the couple further into the moment and their feelings. 

Taking us away from everyone else, and the world below, they make their way to the roof. Gripping each other with no hesitation, they gaze down before making the jump. The world immediately fades to black as they fall. They don’t land on the ground, but they end up right back into the thrashing of the pit. Instead of dancing this time, they are on top of the world and the crowd. 

I’m here with you

Crowd surfing, instead of dancing now, the focus fades from the couple back to the band. Even so, the message from the couple remains clear to the audience. They are together in this moment. Right now, they have each other, no matter what happens. As we see the relationship between the couple throughout the video, the silent undertone is apparent. Now in love, the pair are silently telling each other, ‘I am here for you.’

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