The Pontiac Sunfires. A little bit of booze, a little bit of party.

…and a whole lot of rock and roll.

The Fusion Press’ Lauren Alexis Wood recently had the chance to sit down with these cowboys to talk whisky, cowboy boots, and their new EP “Country Commodore,” out everywhere October 23rd.

Let’s see what The Pontiac Sunfires, Big Tea Baloney (Lead Vocals), Damien Shagwell (Steel Guitar), Rick Curly (Drums & Percussion) and Clancy Fump (Bass Doctor) had to say.

As I sat down amongst some of the most ruggedly handsome Southern gentlemen I’d ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on, I knew this interview would be one for the record books.

“Gentlemen,” I began, “Tell me, who are the Pontiac Sunfires?“

“The Pontiac Sunfires are The Shoals’ PREMIER entertainment group. We’ll scoot your boots. We’ll take you down yonder to the Chattahoocie. We’ll talk about you, you, you, you, usually. But at the end of the day, just a bunch of guys being dudes.“

“I see.” I said, trying my best to hide my growing blush. I could feel the heat rising in my chest, building under my blouse. “Tell me, best brand of cowboy boots, and go.”

“Fatbabys are the best there are, baby.”

“I can imagine.” the gentlemen’s southern drawls cut through my psyche like a warm knife through butter, I began to get tingly… everywhere.

“Boys, tell me now, PBR, Hamm’s or Busch?”

“Anything involvin’ Hamm’s sounds good to us, but we’re partial to the taste of the brown water (aka. whiskey).”

Thank God’s grace for whisky. I reached down into my purse for a little splash of the brown water myself. Just a trace to dab on my neck. Just a little drop to cool me off. It had gotten so… hot.

“If you boys could have an American Eagle in the band or an American Grizzly Bear, which would you choose?”

“The soul of the eagle, Ma’am.”

I take a sharp breath in. Did they hear me?

“Do you gentlemen have a name for your truck?”

“Ol’ Blue.”

“What’s the best meat to grill?”

“Conecuh Sausage – right outta Conecuh County, Alabama. Runner up goes to milk steak.”

These boys were somethin’ else.

“When it comes to rockin’ and a’ rollin’ who has inspired ya’ll the most?”

“Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam, Travis Tritt, Shania Twain, Kid Rock, and Faith Hill.“

“Trucker hat or cowboy hat? Why?”

“Trucker hats are for Von Dutch boys who like Eric Chapel or Luke Bryant, and drive trucks with nuts on ’em. We wear COW 👏 BOY 👏 HATS.”

The Pontiac Sunfires

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