Introducing Lore: Their New Single “Surrender” Out Soon

LORE announced today the release of their first single/video “Surrender” coming out Tuesday, October 20th. In tandem with the single release, the band will also be premiering their full-length self-titled debut album, LORE, via a special pay-per-view performance on on Sunday, November 1st at 7PM CT. The full album is set for release in early 2021.

Tickets for the pay-per-view performance go on sale today at NOON CT via

“Surrender” is special. It reveals Lore’s uniqueness, a uniqueness that combines Laura Reed’s vulnerable songwriting and vocals coupled with Laur Joamets signature guitar soundscape. A uniqueness that gained him notoriety with Country rebel Sturgill Simpson. The combination of the two is showcased brilliantly by the first-time collaboration of producers Dave Schools and Vance Powell. Both are musical giants plus a great pairing to set the sonic stage for this new band and sound.

Reed shares, “I wrote “Surrender” In the wake of “going sober.” I decided to fully commit to a clean life and the words came to me soon after on my birthday. I had been haunted by the melody and chorus for years. It was something Shannon Sanders and I had started to write years ago but never finished. Just a spiritually significant melody and the powerful words, I, surrender, surrender… It helped me, it healed me and in the writing of the song, I realized that surrendering was exactly what I needed to do to succeed in the healing process of sobriety and life in general. I am reminded of that every time I hear the song. Laur’s slide guitar glides over the song in this soothing way that makes you feel like surrendering could really be “the” breakthrough. It truly makes the song and Dave and Vance’s production is effortless and lets the message really come through.
The story of the video is just as inspiring to me as the song itself. Weeks into quarantine and once everyone felt confident it could be pulled off safely, we took to the streets of Broadway and got some shots in the ghost town that Nashville felt like post tornado and pandemic. We wandered freely in the middle of the street, skirting through sidewalks and alleys undetected. We decided it could be a powerful ending shot if I would essentially “disappear” into the water at the close of the song so we headed to Percy Priest Lake.”

Reed continued, “While making our way to the water, the winds suddenly picked up and it felt like there was a tornado coming through the woods. Trees were snapping all around us and it was pouring rain. Everyone was running out of the woods towards safety. On the way out, we heard someone calling for help. I decided to go back solo, finding a young man and his unconscious nephew. The father of the little boy had been crushed by a tree and was still further down the trail. I continued to search for him and sent the man and the little boy to get help. I finally found the man not far from the water we were originally headed. I stayed with him while paramedics made their way to rescue him by boat. Instead of filming our video at the golden hour that day, we helped save a life. The making of the video was put on pause in order to deal with the day’s trauma and allow everyone to regain the confidence to return to the woods to finish filming. In July, we returned to Percy Priest and captured some truly magical moments in those woods and waters. As the sun went down, fellow Nashville musician AJ Ghent (AJ and the Jiggawatts) helped release me into the waters in a metaphorical “baptism,” surrendering and disappearing into the water. It was such a profound and real moment – a one take and make it count moment in which we felt the gravity of everything we had experienced making the song and the video.“

The first single from Lore, “Surrender,” is already garnering praise and critical acclaim from industry peers, so it is no surprise the initial reviews are nothing less than stellar.

“As a producer, I’m always on the lookout for “that song.” A song that resonates with melody, urgency and timeliness. “Surrender” is one such song and I was lucky enough to shepherd as Laura evolved this melody from a simple ukulele and voice demo to the beautiful recording that LORE has created. AND I got to play bass on it as well with Laür, Eric and Laura,” says Dave Schools of Widespread Panic/Hard Working Americans. 

“This is the first time performing our upcoming album live in its entirety as a band. We were so fortunate to have Nick Buda (Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift) and Robbie Crowell (midland/deer tick) join us as they played on the album too. Having been unable to see each other, never mind play or rehearse together over the months leading up to the performance due to the pandemic, it was a real treat to go in fresh and play the whole thing start to finish. We decorated the set with “instrument head” photos that Michael took of myself and Laur, dozens of candles, as well as plenty of eclectic oddities from my home including my 200 year-old gong that belonged to my step grandfather who grew up in India,” says LORE’s Laura Reed. 

“We decided to play the songs in order of the album, pausing in between each one for me to elaborate on the background of the songs, what inspired them and of course express the sentiment of the times – GO OUT AND VOTE. As strange as it was not having an audience in front of us, we felt energized by the spirits in the room and the portraits of our musical counterparts decorating the walls of Michael’s studio. There is one surprise cover in there paying homage to the late great Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac with all the candles’ energy swirling around us. I think that was my favorite part of the show and I felt so caught up in that moment. The vibe was intense and we all felt it. When we ended the show, there was an air in the room that we were all part of the beginning of something special, something we needed and had missed. A stream of gratitude was expressed through facemasks around the studio as we packed up and savored the past hour of pure adrenaline-fueled rock ‘n’ roll.” 

The Instrumenthead Live series launched in August with its first original series, “Music With 5 Questions” featuring Jen Hartswick (Try Anastasio Band), Jeff Coffin (Dave Mathews Band), and Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee). The INSTRUMENTHEAD Live streaming platform has hosted a stacked lineup of performances so far including Daniel Donato, Stolen Faces, Lady Couch, The Slo Beats, Mimi Naja and Katie Pruitt. All performances are currently available on the Instrumenthead Live site through the end of the year. 

Instrumenthead Live founder Michael Weintrob shares, “This new Instrumenthead Live pay-per-view series is an opportunity to create a safe and fun environment for people to enjoy high quality audio and video in a unique gallery where the art is curated specifically for the artist performing. We are empowering live art by bringing an authentic high-quality live show atmosphere to the comfort of music lovers’ homes everywhere.” 

Tickets for the LORE pay-per-view premiere are on sale today starting at NOON CT at Patrons can purchase tickets based on a flexible bidding system starting at $ 10.00 for the pay-per-view link. The link will remain live on for 90 days from the date of the performance on November 1st. Additional purchase options will be available for fans to create their own package bundles from a list of items including LORE t-shirts, signed prints, an Instrumenthead coffee table book and a virtual Meet & Greet with Laura & Laur immediately following the premiere.

A portion of the proceeds from each LORE ticket and/or bundle sold will benefit Nashville MusiCares.

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