Sleep for the Weary is:

Robb Edmondson : Drums

John Hurst : Lead Guitar, Vocals

Ian Shannon : Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Eric Woodrow : Bass, Vocals

Sleep For The Weary talks about “Stuck In The Middle With You” – Through a collaboration with our friends at the Rancor’s Brothel podcast, we’re proud to present our reimagining of Stealers Wheel’s hit Stuck in the Middle With You. The guys as Rancor?s Brothel have created a special experience with Dockside Dogs, which offers a horror themed spin on Tarantino?s Reservoir Dogs. Their podcast of this game can be currently be found exclusively through their Patreon page for their supporters. Support them, listen to their exclusive content, and see why we completely bastardized a perfectly good song here.

For your listening pleasure, they also released this cover across all major digital music outlets. Stream it on Spotify, download it from Google Play or iTunes, or just give it a listen in the YouTube video below.

Sleep for the Weary delivers their aggressive yet melodic brand of alt-rock from Nashville, TN. Vocalist Ian Shannon?s solo work (In To and Out From, 2014) bears the band?s name, but his fervent voice is bettered with the inclusion of band members Robb Edmondson (drums), John Hurst (lead guitar), and Eric Woodrow (bass). The group transcended its former sound, burgeoning into their intimate alt-rock style in support of the full-length album Nocturns (2016) and in the creation of their upcoming releases Readings: 1-3 (forthcoming 2018). Sleep for the Weary?s songs are at once intimate and expansive. The songs don?t promise answers, but instead ask the listener to immerse themselves in the mysterious. They ask you to close your eyes, lean in, and see where it leads you. Their latest EP Catharsis drops in April 2018. (Writing Credit: Laura Kendall)

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