Shaky Knees – Day 1 Recap

So far, Shaky Knees 2019 has gotten off to a great start. On Friday May 3, thousands of people flocked into Atlanta�s Central Park to revel in the music and the warm Georgia sunshine. Though it was quite hot�with temperatures reaching the mid-80s�the park offered plenty of shady spots to cool off and enjoy the music. 

While enjoying the music, festivalgoers happily sipped on juices, cocktails, and a whole host of craft beers. As for food, there were all sorts of food trucks and unique eateries: from quesadillas and Japanese food, to ice cream and spicy noodles. There was even a stand that sold CBD-infused hibiscus tea.

One of the many great aspects of Shaky Knees is its intuitive layout. There are four stages, two on each side of the park. Even without a map, it�s pretty easy to get around�just follow the music!

Speaking of music, all of the artists that performed on the first day delivered killer sets. Liz Phair was the epitome of cool as she belted out punchy alt-rock tunes. Black Lips, Oh Sees, and Foxing caused beautiful chaos with their unique brands of loud, energetic rock. Tash Sultana blew minds with her infectious energy and instrumental virtuosity (she played at least four different instruments, including guitar, drums, trumpet, and synth). When Incubus serenaded the audience with hits such as �Pardon Me,� �Love Hurts,� and �Wish You Were Here,� it was impossible not to sing along.

And of course, I�d be remiss if I didn�t talk about Beck. Wow. What a performance. Though Beck�s powerful stage presence is hard to deny, he interacted with the audience with such friendliness and ease. Rather than a crowd of thousands, it felt as if he were performing to an intimate group of friends. The little intervals in which he�d take time to goof around with the audience made the performance personal and special.

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