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10 Years Division 10th Anniversary at The Cowan January 22nd. “10 Years, Still Rockin’ the Stage!” – Event Recap

Rockin’ the Stage! Alternative/Rock band “Sleep For The Weary” started off the show rockin’ the house on January 22nd 2019 at The Cowan in Nashville, TN. John Hurst and his band got the room moving as Aria’s “The Other LA” followed filling the house with heads banging. Jared, Jeff and Coty’s Hard Rock band ” Emerge” from Nashville, TN raised the level before 10 Years lead man Jesse walked on stage.

Rockin' the Stage!
(Photo by Josh Rish at The Fusion Press)
Rockin' the Stage!

Not quite 10 years, however it has been 7 years since I have seen 10 Years live and they are still just as an amazing band. Straight out of Knoxville, TN lights smoking, hearts pounding, the crowd was loving it! Jesse ventured into the crowd several times throughout the night leaving fans amazed as they ripped through the Division album! I would have to say every 10 Years concert I’ve been to always has had me wanting to hear more from these talented group of guys, and this time was no different.

Rockin' the Stage!

10 Years VIP Demo Listening Sessions Diamond: Platinum:

Rockin' the Stage!

Presented by Filthy Nasty Productions & 102.9 The Buzz, Nashville’s Rock Station – WBUZ fm

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