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Young Nebraska native Rascal Martinez has catchy tunes, a smooth and gravelly sound, and one hell of a stage presence.

Martinez has a voice that is new, yet familiar. He does cover songs that still showcase his own individuality and personality. His original songs have depth and simplicity at the same time.

Ben Neely Photography

Rascal Martinez began performing with his older brother in their basement years ago and has not stopped since. After performing at weddings and parties locally, Rascal decided that he had to get out on tour in order to perform for larger audiences. One of his favorite places to perform, coincidentally, is Nashville! He also recorded his most recent album in Nashville.

Martinez has huge support from his home state of Nebraska and is quickly growing fans across the country. It’s no wonder Rascal Martinez is a finalist in Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem competition!

Martinez maintains a hectic touring schedule and took a break to perform at last night’s Music City Mayhem competition. Whether he is covering oldies or singing his own songs, Martinez is not afraid to put on a show for the crowd.

Martinez gave thanks to Lightning 100 on his Facebook page today for the opportunity to compete. Even though he did not win Music City Mayhem, Martinez says he “had one helluva good time”.

Martinez picks right back up touring tomorrow in Winslow, Arizona. This will not be the last we hear from Rascal Martinez!

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