Korn Kame to Town – Music is Back in Full Swing

Nu-Metal Heavyweights Gathered Eager Knoxville Freaks

Korn stomped through Knoxville on Thursday, March 10, 2022, along with very special guests Chevelle and Code Orange for a raucous rockshow straight out of 2001. The genre-pioneering rock band brought their nu-metal sound to Thompson-Boling Arena

Korn Kame to Town

With devil’s horns held high

Throughout their nearly three decade long career, the two-time Grammy Award-winning Korn have generally been fearless when it comes to their music, and especially their live shows. Singing and moshing and just having an awesome time, the show was for hardcore fans and casual attendees alike, with plenty of speculation and anticipation about this concert as fans of the longtime rockers showed up pumped and primed.

Nu Music, Familiar Values 

Their new album, Requiem, came out on February 4th, released with comforting rock familiarity, something the world needs. For Requiem, the band found they had more time to create due to the pandemic halting live shows for a period, according to a press release, which allowed for more experimentation on the record. That same energy was channeled into this stellar post-post-pandemic show, which was a welcome to the area’s metal maniacs. 

Korn Kame to Town

Study Your History for the Future

Don’t know Korn? You’ve either been living under a rock or you are simply too young. In which case, check out: “Freak On a Leash” or their latest single, “Start the Healing.” The band is already working on their next new album.

“We’re already working on another record,” Frontman Jonathan Davis confirmed, “That’ll be album 15. It’s nice being in a band with guys you get along with and you love. I get excited to write with the guys and a lot of people in bands that have been in bands as long as us, they hate each other – they can’t even be in the same fucking room.”


As with every Korn show, the energy was electric, the crowd fist-pumping, moshing, and crowd surfing. One thing was clear: they were glad to be playing before a live audience. So if you missed this killer show, keep a look out for their next trip to Knoxville. The freaks who were in attendance were infectious in their clear appreciation. 

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