Grandson Plays Eastside Bowl

If you are in Nashville, TN, on March 23, you will find a rare treat waiting. Grandson is an alternative artist named Jordan Benjamin, and he is going to rock the house with unforgettable music. Grandson is known for taking rock, electronic, hip-hop, and other areas from his roots and combining them to tell a unique and innovative story. He sings about social issues that are affecting his age generation and how to open up and confront your struggles. He also encourages fans by singing about mental health and regaining power over their life.

If you have followed Grandson, you will know that he has an exciting career. He has sung with the likes of Jessie Reyez, which was featured in the movie Suicide Squad, and has toured in multiple countries around the world. In addition to this, he has millions of streams online with big names giving him co-signs.

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You Get An Unforgettable Experience

Fans love coming to see Grandson because he is a talented artist who is an optimist. It is a beautiful thing for fans to see, and he writes poetic and meaningful lyrics. He has a beautiful and compassionate spirit that shines through every note. Grandson is an artist who truly gives his best to ensure that his work is honest and resonates with fans.

Grandson’s Inspiration

His love of music has many influences, and so does the place where he gets inspired. He has said that Kurt Cobain, Bill Withers, Bob Marley, and John Lennon are just the starting list. Grandson has stated that he looks up to writers who break down genres and cross borders. He admires those who can break barriers while simultaneously breaking through time.

Restrictions To Be Aware Of

At the current time, the event will not require proof of vaccination. However, the Eastside Bowl will, of course, follow the guidelines given by the CDC. Your health and safety as a guest, as well as the staff, are the number one priority. As such, the venue would like to remind you that choosing to be in the general public will pose an elevated risk. Another tip to remember is that these policies can update at any time.

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Come Hear An Uplifting Message With Grandson

Performing on stage for Grandson has been likened to a boon for his mental and physical health. His goal is to bring uplifting messages to everyone when they hear his music. He has said that the reason he is a musician is that when he hears something that touches a feeling he needed to experience, it makes him feel human. As if he is a part of something bigger than himself. Come see him play in Nashville and open yourself to positive music ad a night that will stay with you for a long time after the show is over. Embrace the passion and feel a little more human.