If the perfect weather wasn’t enough to get you motivated yesterday, then grandson certainly provided anything that was lacking. The night was about overcoming odds, moving forward with intention, and reaching out to others to start making a difference.


BarlowLN and Des Rocs opened up for grandson in a packed house at The Basement East last night. Between songs Evan Barlow, lead singer of BarlowLN, spoke about overcoming his addiction to heroin. Des Rocs got the sold out crowd fired up with their commanding stage presence and infectious energy. They encouraged the crowd to not be afraid to reach out and covered ?With a Little Help from My Friends.? Then they brought the tempo back up ending their set with their rock anthem ?Let Me Live / Let Me Die.?


By the time grandson took the stage, the all ages shoulder to shoulder crowd was ready to go. No time was wasted as they launched into ?Stigmata? from their latest EP release a modern tragedy vol. 2 that dropped last month. The rowdy crowd definitely got what they came for with an electric performance complete with grandson jumping into he crowd during a cover of Bob Marley’s ?War.? Between songs lead singer Jordan Benjamin, who goes by grandson, encouraged the crowd to be involved in making change happen. But, he also said, ?If you feel overwhelmed, start smaller.? He said that talking with one person about things that really matter is enough. It?s important. It matters.

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