Godsmack kicked off their regular schedule on the North American Spring tour tonight in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena. Joining Godsmack on the tour is Volbeat and special guest Stitched Up Heart. Godsmack live is an experience to behold at some point in your life. With pyrotechnics and that incredibly distinct sound of theirs leaves the audience in disbelief. The addition of the other bands to the North American Spring tour makes it that much more exciting.

Having the female-lead band Stitched Up Heart open on this North America tour is a great way to energize the crowd and introduce new music. I cannot wait to hear what new material they come up with after hearing their new single “Lost” featuring Sully Erna from Godsmack.

Next up to perform was Danish band Volbeat. Volbeat gives us a mix of metal, rock and roll, and rockabilly. This makes for an interesting combination that sounds entirely unique to them.

Volbeat released a live album in December of 2018 (Let’s Boogie! Live from Telia Parken) and they have plans to release a new album some time this year. Stay tuned for more from Volbeat!

After some great sets from Stitched Up Heart and Volbeat, Godsmack came to the stage to set the night on fire! Literally! Known for their intense pyrotechnics, we all expected a spectacular display. You could feel the heat in the audience every time fire went up and it was intense.

Godsmack has been performing now for roughly two decades; they definitely know how to make a Tuesday night in Nashville exciting! We look forward to two or three more decades of touring after tonight!

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