For the Wolves: A Candid Conversation

For the Wolves, the heavy psych rock Australian foursome out of Brisbane has a new single out while staying busy in the studio during the COVID-19 restrictions. The energetic and powerful band is well-known for their live shows so the quarantine has forced them to switch gears a bit. Recently, Brad Andrew (the lead singer and guitarist) sat down with the Fusion Press’ Lauren Alexis Wood to talk about their latest single, how they’ve been passing the time during the Pandemic and tour plans for next year.

“Brad, who is For The Wolves, for those of us here in the States.” I began the interview.

“For The Wolves are a 4-piece alternative hard rock band from Brisbane, Australia. We write, record and perform psych infused heavy rock. And we love it.” he responded.

Certainly an understatement. The unbelievable energy the group brings to both live and studio performances helped them get stable and significant footing in the Brisbane music scene, allowing them to gain access to worldwide recognition for their unique and heavy-hitting sound.

“How long have you been playing together and when did you first figure out you guys were really on to something?” I asked Brad over our Zoom chat.

“We have been playing together for about 4-5 years now. We knew right away we had something promising to pursue. Every musical collaborator talks about the moment you know you’ve got something. It’s hard to explain, but everything seemed to fit perfectly, no forcing it. Call that luck, or magic, but it just worked. We started playing as a two piece, just drums, guitar and vocals. The guitar riffs coupled beautifully with the drum rhythms and really layed a powerful foundation to build from musically. And here we are now with the four of us, having a great time figuring out how to do that uniquely every time we write a new song.”

“Talk to me about your latest single, ‘Parable’. What was the creative process behind the song? What inspired this particular track?” I wanted to know the process behind For the Wolves.

“The creative process has stayed very much the same for us so far. It usually starts with a guitar riff, or a beat or a melody. We bank up little ideas all the time, and then when it’s go time for creating new music we start to filter through those little demos and ideas to find what most interests us. From there, we build compositions, experimenting and trying new ways to make cool sounds and build a sonic narrative for the song. Which this new song “Parable” (LISTEN HERE) is a great example of. Many sounds, rhythms and textures interwoven to create a tune that evolves itself from the start. The lyrical inspiration is the concept of Time. Or ones changing perception over time. How we relate to it, and specific events throughout our lives. And the music really lent itself to that I feel. So all in all, this song provides a bit to sink your teeth into as a listener, not only musically but lyrically also.”

I was curious, “Brad, where do you guys feel more at home, on stage or in the studio?”

“That’s an interesting question. I don’t know if we feel at home anywhere yet! It all feels like an ever-evolving thing, both in terms of writing/ recording and performing live. So much to learn, and create. So, maybe one day with a lot more shows and records under our belt we could feel at home, but not right now. But also, I think if you’re truly pushing yourself creatively as a musician or artist you shouldn’t feel at home. Always out on the edge in some respect, showing more than maybe sometimes you wish too, but ultimately making better art for it!”

Much like the rest of the music industry, I wondered how COVID-19 had affected For the Wolves. “What have you been up to during the Pandemic? Do you feel it has stifled your music or allowed you to grow and try new things?“

“No, quite the opposite for us. The timing was actually pretty good. We were about ready to release a new song anyway, and we had a bunch of content in the chamber ready to go. So we really turned our attention to building the fan base online. Which seems to be a really valuable place to put your efforts, even without a pandemic. So it really lit a fire under us to get more out. And then of course we followed up with the latest track “Parable”, so all in all we have really taken this as an opportunity to adapt and direct our efforts online a little more. And of course having no gigs to play free’s us up even more to do all that. So it’s been really valuable for us. BUT! We are getting that itch to play live again, and just booked our first gig for November, so we’re interested to see how that goes in the current climate. So hopefully looking to make gigs a regular thing again. Fingers crossed, but it looks promising so we’ll begin to dust off the cobwebs and get back to rehearsals soon. It’s exciting.” he explained.

What’s up next for these hard rockers from down under?

“Right now we’re finishing up the next single and getting that ready for mixing/mastering. Aiming to release that before the end of the year, and then back to gigs! The plan for now is to release a collection of music early next year as well, which will most likely be an EP. We’re working on a bunch of stuff and pumped for the next phase of our creative journey for sure. Excited to show something new.”

And their planned live performances? I wondered how soon fans would For the Wolves on-stage again.

“For now we’ve played mostly locally, but we’re looking to hit the road a little more next year and spread the love. Seems 2021 will be a safer bet in terms of restrictions and borders etc. So once we have an open road we’ll hook up with some other bands and play some shows in spots we haven’t been yet.”

Keep up with the band on their website.

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