Event Recap: May 8, 2019 Meshuggah at Marathon Music Works!


Last night Marathon Music Works in Nashville rocked out a legendary bands captivated audiences. Meshuggah an extreme-metal band from Sweeden led by vocalist Jens Kidman created an experience that was from another world. Of course, this happened shortly after opener Black Dahlia Murder hyped up all of Music City’s metal-heads!

After arriving to the venue I floated around the enormous amount of fans listening to things they had to say. There was not a soul in sight that lacked utter excitement to see the action to take place. I recall hearing a fan speak on Meshuggah and shows he’s seen in the past. The man said that there would be a performance like no other, and it would be epic!

Around 7:30 I head to the already filled floor. To say the least, the venue was packed! Furthermore, shortly after fighting through crowds a chilling energy takes over then entire building. I look up and opener Black Dahlia is taking the stage. Chaos breaks loose as the band slams hard metal in the faces of fans. The crowd was hype as the band blasts bass, and screams harsh vocals throughout the performance. As the show goes on, lead singer Trevor shouts out “We are gonna get you all nice and warmed up for these bass motherfuckers [Meshuggah] you are about to see. They are going to fuck you up!” Furthermore, the crowd cheers, for he was not lying!

The Main Event

The night goes on and the madness comes to a stop as complete darkness takes over the crowd. Suddenly, members of the band Meshuggah are seen on stage and lights are flashing. Certainly, band members appeared to be gods of metal. Therefore, they would prove this to be true! Hard bass begins to shake the venue, as well as disgusting vocals captivating the ears of fans. Every fan is headbanging as well as the entire floor becomes a moshpit. Constant moshing and crowd surfing was the regular for the remaining time. At one point two dudes near me said, “Do you want to crowd surf?” Of course, I had them bring me up. Every fan must experience this feeling once.

Meshuggah set the standard for metal shows. As a fan in the crowd once said, “F*** yeah! This is amazing!” The hellish music was accompanied with a light show that was superior to other shows I had seen in the past. As a result, fans were in awe as the band continues to slam metal. As the band played through hits on their long discography bodies continued to fly in the pits. Furthermore, the night eventually comes to an end. Meshuggah leaves the stage. As a result, everyone begins to chant one more song! Seems like, it got the attention of band members. The band takes the stage once more for an outstanding encore performance!

Madness took over Music City, for this is on of the most epic shows in existence.

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