Sometimes the universe gives you a good gift. Raelyn Nelson, granddaughter of Willie, is a gift that fell in my proverbial lap. Forging her own gifted path, she is part Loretta Lynn, part Cheap Trick, part Ramones. Her music moves my soul and I have kept it on repeat since she agreed to do this dumb interview.

Singing since she can remember, she was raised on a steady diet of traditional country and gospel music, a gift from her grandpa in the form of a guitar during her teenage years, she now writes and performs her own songs with her band, and the result is a gift of completely fresh, true hybrid Country and Garage Rock. It was a belated Xmas gift to be able to bother her.

1. Do you have a name of your favorite ukulele? 

I named my uke Britney Spears but this is the first time I’ve ever admitted that to anyone. My other uke is named Nikki Glaser. My guitar is named after my grandmas: Martha Juanita. 

2. When’s the last time you gave or received a wet willy? 

That’s a trigger for me bc of the meme that comes around the internet every few months of my grandpa naked in a bathtub with those words written on it and it totally weirds me out…And his name is spelled wrong in the meme so that’s annoying, too. 

3. Moonshine in Nashville, a mason jar of sweet water in West Texas, or a shot of pickle juice in Gainesville?

A Mason Jar of sweetwater 4/20 anywhere about to play a gig with my band.

4. What was the color of your morning today?


5. Will you go on a date with me? 

No…I don’t go on dates. 

6. Would you rather sucker punch Rascal Flats or Tim McGraw?

I could never fuck up Tim’s teeth! They’re perfect. Tim “teeth’s” McGraw is what they call him!!

7. Be honest, which of your kids is your favorite?

I never got the chance to have a favorite, my twins were born first. 

8. Rocking out to the Ramones or slow dancing to Loretta Lynn?

If with my buds, rocking out to the Ramones; Home alone or Driving back roads, dancing and singing to Loretta. And honestly in all of those situations, we or I am only listening to comedy podcasts. 

9. What’s the second rule in your family? 

Don’t be an asshole…which is also rule number 1…and rule number 3 is don’t be a fucking asshole.

10. Have you ever smoked any weed?

I don’t go a day without smoking weed! 

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