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Bothering the Band – Pyn Doll

Rock-n-roll needs people like Pyn Doll of Prince of Lilies. Pure, honest, hard rock is rare, trust me. Also, what’s rare is his dedication to the craft and fans, such as myself. He bent over backwards just to do this interview.

Being heralded by press as “The sound of Kings Of Leon being abused by Nirvana” and “The epitome of grunge”, Prince Of Lilies have come to entertain us with Vent, their brilliant debut album masterminded by none other than noise-guru/producer, Steve Albini.

Indebted to indie and punk, and determined to make abrasive yet groundbreaking music, Prince Of Lilies are set to take the world by storm in 2021. They make dynamic hard-edged songs that have layers upon layers of catchy melodies amidst loud rock-n-roll, all distorted guitars with lyrics about everything from depression, suicide, ocean pollution, and animal rights.

Pyn is rare human in his own right, honest and kind, and bothering him has proved the best fun I’ve had in decades. Pyn and Prince Of Lilies have that perfect level of raw grit and sweat, not to mention hard work, managing to sound like they’re threatening to tear a hole in your speakers, while also being humble, hard-working rockstars.

1. What’s your current skate setup?

I ride a Jay Adams Z-Flex pool rider with Indy’s and Tunnel Rocks.

2. Sunflowers or Roses?

Sunflowers. All about the light…

3. Would you rather have to drive across LA on a scooter carrying an old acoustic guitar or schlep a full drum kit across NYC on the subway?

Scooter, for sure. I could pull into any hick town on Route 66 and play Merle Haggard covers for chili and whisky at the local saloon. And survive somehow until I get to NYC so I can play a real show.

4. Have you ever played pin the tail on the donkey?

Yes. Can’t remember but I’m sure I did.

5. Why is greek food so expensive?

It’s not in Greece. It’s just peasant food here. Greece never had high society food until other countries decided to change the recipes of the villagers.

6. Would you rather be king for a day or a prince for life?

Prince for life. Who needs to be King to try and rule society? It can’t be ruled without oppression and that’s not my thing.

7. Did you ever witness Lemmy doing something simple, cute and/or benign?

I loved to see him put on his straight face and take photos with people non stop. He never ever got rude to anyone that asked. He was a gentle giant and gentleman. And a massive persona that stole the electricity in the room.

8. When’s the last time you washed your leather jacket?

Never. It is rotting with sweat and more sweat.

9. What is something you wish you knew more about?

How to string my guitar and plug in multiple cabinets.

10. Which one of the two rooster tattoos on your chest is your favorite?

There’s only one. There’s an invisible mirror tattoo between the reflections…to remind you that no one is able to hurt you but yourself. There’s a lot to that tattoo…jail and crazy stuff. Carpe diem.

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