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Tony Campos: The Man Behind The Metal

Tony Campos is one of the original members of Static X and has reunited with the group to create Project Regeneration. A dedicated musician, he has played with a plethora of equipment and different tunings. As a computer science major before a musician, he is a great typist though Tony revealed he isn’t alone with typing talent.

Looking Back

Reminiscing fondly about Wayne, you can hear the laughter in his voice as he remembers times in the past where Wayne had a penchant for messing with people or his twisted sense of humor, and you can tell that the two shared great memories. In particular, he shares how Wayne used to type. He used three fingers of each hand. His thumbs, his index, and middle fingers. He was lightning fast, and it makes us curious about trying his technique.

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Because they have been together so long, each band member has a favorite memory with Wayne, and Tony’s is at their first Ozzfest together. They had to do signings every day, and they had finished their set. Both Tony and Wayne had started drinking. By the time they had reached the signing booth, they were drunk. When they signed the pictures, they put speech bubbles on the photographs with sayings that were goofy. The fans were looking at them as if they had lost their minds, but the pair had fun. It’s a memory that has stayed with Tony since.

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He also remembered a spoof article written about how Wayne did his hair and the fun they had with that. He was still asked how he did his hair, but the band had fun making a joke out of it. Tony says that they were never a band that lost their sense of humor or took themselves too seriously. Their happiness and motivation came from the music and getting the opportunity to play on stage. He has been happy to be at his dream job and has no regrets or plans to slow down.

Tony’s Private Time

In addition to older memories, he revealed what he likes to do whenever he gets time off. However, that is rare with two upcoming projects for Static X.  Being a huge gamer, he enjoys other games besides his two favorites Doom and Halo. He has enjoyed Destiny 2, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and the Half-Life series. If he could splurge on anything for his gaming passion, he revealed that he would be picking up new video cards and the new 30-80s. He also enjoys Riazul tequila, and his idea of a wild night now consists of a glass and a gaming session with Destiny 2, as mentioned earlier.

In his private time, Tony likes his interactions in the real world, so he rarely gets on Facebook. Anyone who needs him has a direct link, so he doesn’t spend his time on social media, but instead spends it in the real world. If he wants to escape from reality, he prefers his video games rather than getting caught up on Instagram or Facebook.

Tony Campos
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Unfortunately, during this pandemic, he doesn’t get to see his parents as much as he would like as his mother is facing health issues, but he has been making the best of it and lets her know she’s never far from his heart. He jokes that his mother still treats him as a kid sometimes, but she’s a tough woman who always has a lot of fight.

The Future For Tony

As far as the band’s future is concerned, Tony says that he loves everything that’s happening right now. However, he does want to remain in the music industry for as long as he can. Fans should check out his other projects and Static X to see just what he’s willing to reveal next!

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