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A Look Inside Project Regeneration And Static X

If you are a fan of metal, you have heard of Static X. In the past year, they have reunited and started their latest project. Aptly entitled Project Regeneration (volume one), it is a tribute to the late Wayne Static. Tony Campos says that this was done for the original fans, but Static X members are pleasantly surprised that they have amassed a new following. In his personal experience, he loves the song Dead Souls on the album, and the music video for the song is said to be released next week! The song itself was a surprise on how well it came out, he says, and he enjoys it.

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Making The Best Out Of Everything

Despite the changes that have been going on, they haven’t slowed down one bit. They hadn’t planned on touring too much this year because they wanted to promote the record itself. As such, they have been making the best out of the situation and put their focus on Project Regeneration 2. He understands that wanderlust to get back out there and play live, however, and he is looking forward to that day.

When the tours are ready to begin again, Tony says he is just excited to get out of the house, though he is looking forward to going back to Russia. While touring, they usually try to rest and eat before the shows, particularly if they are going overseas as the flights are so long. However, he jokes when he was younger; he would find the nearest bar. He has since slowed down and admits that the tours can wear on you when you have a schedule of thirty-four shows in thirty-five days and flying during that entire time. Though, we do not doubt that the band is up for the challenge and will be touring both locally and internationally once again.

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The Future And Project Regeneration 2

While Project Regeneration 2 is the biggest project for the band in the immediate future, there is a future project that he couldn’t reveal. However, he did admit that the band in their earlier career had wanted to produce a cover album. Sadly, the project never came to fruition, and they had a tour to embark on. If they had time to do this, he would love to cover bands like Ministry (who they have covered before), Prong, and more. In addition to that, he would need to discuss that topic with the rest of the band. He’s quite sure that they have their ideas as to who they would want.

As far as the future after Project Regeneration 2, Tony wants it finished first, but he’s living moment to moment and is not sure what will happen farther down the road. Additionally, they will be doing more touring to promote Project Regeneration. Afterward, he said it’s really up to the fans what happens. He is not opposed to continuing with Static X, though he has other things he wants to do. He would like to work with Ministry or other bands and keep producing additional records.

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Experiencing The Music

Playing with the band has been cathartic and has been an excellent experience for everyone involved. It’s been a wonderful time playing and getting to experience the music again. While they live far apart, they’ve been able to put their full efforts into the music. They have taken the band and honored it.

They’ve seen a bit of everything over the years. Everything from zealous fans who have attempted to board their bus, to fans taking off body parts to sign. We can see that it’s never dull being a part of this band. Tony is so grateful that the fans have been so supportive, and it’s been overwhelming sometimes. In the beginning, they had only planned a US tour, but since then, it has evolved into an overseas tour. For the band, this experience has been one pleasant surprise after another. Tony thanks his fans for everything they have done and their continuing support. Fans can expect to see their secret project come into play as well as Project Regeneration 2 in the near future. Fans should be on the lookout for great surprises from the band and new music!

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