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Let’s Get Candid With Marwood’s Fall

Hailing from Chicago, Marwood’s Fall makes waves with their new single ‘Before I’m Gone.’ I was lucky enough to talk with lead singer David, his brother and guitarist Matthew, and drummer John. Each member has a great relationship with one another. The camaraderie, easy-going nature and ribbing shows that the members aren’t just a band but the best of friends.

Bringing The Music

They have been steadily working throughout the pandemic while balancing family life as well. In addition to ‘Before I’m Gone,’ they will be releasing four additional songs. After playing for more than a decade together, the trio is in sync with one another. That helps them produce the music and sound that they are after. Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed the process of how quickly the release of music is able to happen, but Marwood’s Fall isn’t letting that stop them as they released a cover of Halsey’s Without Me, entirely remotely and now have additional music coming our way.

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Their creative process consists of two different methods. David would write a ‘skeleton’ version of a song and bring it to the band. From there, Matthew and John would work together and add riffs. The other method is Matthew, and John will come up with guitar parts. They will also come up with variations while David would write on top of that. However, the other members are becoming more and more involved with the music as well. It helps that each band member can speak the other’s language so they can understand the other well.

Let’s Check Out Chicago

Giving me the best spots of Chicago, we also discussed their hometown, and we believe that many will flock to Chicago to experience Kuma’s Corner. Getting the best burgers in town while also having a metal bar ambiance, we can’t wait to try the Metallica burger. There are also many different venues that you can enjoy as well, such as Lounge, Subterranean, and Metro.

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The members also have great hobbies when they can relax, including video games like Dota 2 or Call of Duty. In David’s case, he enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In John’s case, he is remodeling his entire house. It sounds like even when they have downtime, these guys don’t take a break. Maybe if fans are lucky, we will be able to see David’s moves. In addition to that, however, when they do shows, they find that a couple of band members have a bigger stomach than others. In particular, David and John always find the best places to eat before the show, though the others will be hanging out.

The Latest Single

‘Before I’m Gone’ has started as a riff that felt like it needed more. ‘Before I’m Gone’ is about feeling that you are alone or lost. It’s also about feeling like you’re stuck. If you feel as if you’re disappointed in life or that things never go your way, this song will speak to you. The lyrics are both powerful and meaningful. Because there are so many conflicting emotions, there is a rebuttal in the words. A re determination to continue to try even if you feel that no one is listening. It’s about fighting until you have no more breath and refusing to give in or give up.

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Their new single is ultimately intended to be a message of hope. We all have dreams and desires that can allude us, and there are things we can’t control, but we have no semblance of life if we give up. The song is about staying dedicated and holding firm even when it feels like you can’t. In particular, during the hopeful part of the song, you have a layered vocal over the top. If you let David’s voice and the power in the music carry you, you will feel such a powerful sense of hope and chills that you can’t help but feel as if you can do anything.

Marwood’s Fall Finds Their Name

One of the juiciest tidbits that we were able to learn is how they came up with their name. When John was in school, he met David and Matthew. When David was singing in coffee shops, his songs were a little different from what John and another guitarist wanted to convey. John proposed keeping his songs but adding a darker twist. John even says that one of his favorite songs that they have done is ‘Restitution.’

Taking a proactive approach and knowing he had a love of the time and era, he began researching hanging. As he was still living at home, his mother saw what he was studying and had some wary looks for him. During his research, he came across a man named William Marwood. He was famous for an algorithm that would tell you an efficient height to be dropped from. Instantly, Marwood’s Fall was born. They liked that it was a non-generic and slightly morbid tie to Victorian England.

A Special Message From Marwood’s Fall

The band also has a message for their fans that they would like them to know. Any support that you offer is so important to them, and they are glad that people are listening to their music because that truly is all they want to be able to do. They want to share their music and let people listen to it. They stay true to themselves and their sound and put so much effort into their music; it means everything to have people care and love their music. They also run all of their social media, so when fans interact with them and respond, it’s the band members themselves you’re speaking to.

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The other message that they would have for fans is that times are so hard, and the song and it’s message is something that they hope resounds with fans. It’s a message about not giving up hope in times where we feel like giving up on our dreams or things we want to do. It’s like David says. We have to keep moving forward and do what it takes to find inspiration in life! To do the best with what we have, and times will get better.

Marwood’s Falls next single to be released is ‘Waves.’ The song is very special as it’s only been performed live for those closest to the band. Fans are in for a fantastic gift when hoping to hear it for the first time!

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