Ken Jay and the band

Ken Jay and the band

Ken Jay cofounded Static X with Wayne and rejoined the band to honor his memory with Project Regeneration. The band has been a crucial part of his life, and he is happy to be able to do this with his fellow bandmates. Ken personally describes himself as intense, and that is a leftover from the band. In addition to that, he frequently trains so that he can go on tour. Playing the drums can be violent, but it’s therapeutic because it’s such a release for him. One of his favorite workouts is taking a sledgehammer to a tire. He says that it helps as far as another release. Along with the intense workouts, he enjoys biking and hiking in nature. Both of which are intense in their own right.

Ken Jay Static X
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Ken And The Band

While he misses being able to play more with the group jamming out, they have made the situation work for them while keeping everyone safe. He is close to his family and the band and says that the band has a deep relationship. As such, he considers them family. When they can get together, Ken laughs and explains that they love to eat. As Koichi is leaner than the others, you would expect him to have a smaller appetite, but that’s not the case. He can put it away and truly enjoys the food.

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As humans, we all love food, but he says they sit and talk while joking and laughing. They also have a great time thoroughly enjoying the meal itself. Ken thinks that it’s such a communal thing, and they have no distractions. Through their music, they can connect, but in their personal lives, they connect as well. The band is entirely comfortable with each other, and they fell right back into their camaraderie. Consequently, there is always a meal after the shows, and he enjoys that Xer0 has come in, and he was able to fit in with the band.

Behind The Scenes

His parents have always been supportive of his choices, and when he came to them and told them he was leaving for Los Angeles, they asked how they could help. He shares a love of history with his father and remembers that his mother was worried about him while traveling. That was particularly true in terrifying situations when he couldn’t reach her for hours. They enjoy spending time together as a family and are close.

In his spare time, he helps take care of his parents, and he teaches drums. He discovered that he enjoys being a teacher to the kids and imparting his knowledge. However, though he likes children and admires the musicians that can have families, at the moment, he says it’s not for him.

A Lover Of Books

He is remodeling a house at the moment as well, and he will have breakfast while reading the news before starting his day. He enjoys working out and helping his family each day. In addition to that, he is a huge reader when he has a spare moment. In particular, Ken loves to read A Christmas Carol. He loves the language and the humor that resides in the book, and he enjoys how it was written. He reads it right after Thanksgiving every year. The book he is currently reading about is historical racing to satisfy his love of the sport.

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As a big fan of Indy racing, he would love to play a show at the event. As he grew up with it, he became a huge racing fan. Motion is such a big part of their music that he has had friends tell him they get speeding tickets because they listen to their music and rock out in the car. It would be an incredible show and experience with the racing happening around them.

When he was younger, he also enjoyed swimming and basketball. He used to be a great basketball player, and this is something that he will most likely be picking up again. He says he is the type of person who will stumble over his own feet, but if you give him a ball, it’s something that he has a talent for. However, his passion, of course, remained for drumming. In college, he was an art major, so he has painted and sketched as well.

Screaming Can Be Fun

He’s not a fan of how technology has so many glitches because it makes everything harder, and he prefers to engage fans personally rather than on social media. Though there were funny things in the music, they are an intense band, and Ken likes having conversations with people as they have more meaning. Due to this, you will rarely see him on social media.

Because he was teaching for three years before rejoining the band and the problems that we face because of the pandemic, everyone has wanted drums and online teachings. They’ve been rushing to get guitars and pianos, and for Ken, it was interesting how many people began picking up these habits again. He thinks that that is an excellent thing because it shows people never lose their creative passions. The drumming keeps his creative juices flowing, and he believes that people picking up these instruments again will be embracing their own creativity. Remember, guys; screaming can be fun!

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