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Let Haunter Invade Your Dreams

Looking for something exciting and unique to add to your playlist? Check out Haunter! They describe themselves as a bunch of emo kids with one metalhead. They decided that they were going to write pop songs and want you to join the party. Their new single Risk It All inspires you to embrace your dreams. Dreams have a way of breathing life into you, and this song inspires you to be brave and live in that moment. The moment may not last, but for that time, it’s yours.

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The name Haunter originated when the band was first forming. The members wanted to come up with a name that reflected how they felt about the music. Enoma (their guitarist) experienced sleep paralysis while they were deciding the title. Because sleep paralysis made him feel as if his dreams haunted him, they decided to use that for the band. Good music can make you feel haunted, as well. Thus Haunter was born.

Endless Summer

Though the pandemic has made it more challenging, they are working on their music non-stop. Each band member has been enjoying messaging each other words or ideas for the songs they want to record. While throwing ideas back and forth and voice messaging, they experience creating music in a new and creative way. It has also allowed them to build up a new energy level that they cannot wait to let loose. With Risk It All, they wanted to brighten everyone’s lives with an energetic, upbeat song that allows us to feel like it’s summer forever. In times when everyone has been so down, it’s great to experience a song that is so fun and encourages us all to try. It’s a beautiful reminder to stay inspired and positive.

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Each band member also has a special gift that they can share with the others, which makes the dynamic better. Enoma is a great comforter. He is sweet and always follows through on what he says he will do. Mark can make things happen, even if they seem impossible. If the band members can’t figure out how to do something, they tell Mark, and he makes it happen. Lucy jokes that he’s a magician. Mike is said to be the best for finding cats, and they are sure that he has a built-in cat radar system. Lucy, however, likes to tattoo. She will spend most of her time creating and drawing art. Her art will then transform a human into a beautiful canvas. She also when to culinary school, so she loves to cook, but she also feels at home in nature.

The Future Of Haunter

When live shows begin again, Lucy says that Warehouse Live in Houston is one they are looking forward to performing again. The sound is excellent, while the room offers space. The lighting is also perfect, and it holds a special memory because it was one of the first places Lucy went to a concert. They will be working on a music video soon and have additional music coming next year. Lucy tells us that the songs keep getting better every time they record, and they hope you hear it through each new release. The band has great plans for the year, and they will continue to stay creative and write songs we all love. They also love when fans communicate with them and urge you to send them a message whenever you like through their social media.

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Their goal as a band is to have fans be themselves and know that Haunter loves you the way you are. Be yourself and enjoy everything in life. Lucy says they want that for everyone. The energy from the songs is lovely, and it can resonate with fans on a deeper level. The chords are powerful, and Lucy tells us that if you can take something simple and make it great, you have mastered your art. Haunter also wants fans to go for their dreams. If you have a crush, text them! If you feel like you want to dance in the rain, go for it! Do whatever makes you happy and inspire others to do the same. You should be yourself and live your best life.

Fans should expect more music, videos, merchandise, and photos to be coming soon. Lucy and the band members cannot wait to meet you all when they perform. In the meantime, Haunter wants to remind you to stay inspired and be true to yourself!

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