Throw ‘Caution’ Out The Window With The Killers

Hailing from Las Vegas, The Killers exploded onto the music scene and had everyone rocking out to Mr. Brightside. Their new song promises to be a hit. It has already topped the charts in the US and other countries, including Scotland and Belgium. It can be found on their new album, which has been titled Imploding the Mirage. Caution also has a more significant part to play for the band. It is being used as a sort of movie trailer for a larger project with Sing Lee.

Teaming up with Lindsey Buckingham, Caution has been said to be a real Killers song through and through. The song will appeal to the very core of all of us while letting us thirst for adventure. Or even the thought of something that we may not even be able to see. That speaks to us in a real way because we all have that desire deep down. We all wish to throw away the need to be cautious, and let yourself go.

Caution Is Personal

A personal video for Brandon Flowers, it’s about listening to your inner desires. He based the lyrics off of his journey, moving from Las Vegas to Utah. Brandon has even said that he felt relief for making the step to make a move. The song has Brandon’s soft voice opening the video drawing you in. This is before we even get a feel for what the video will be about.

Pushing past the opening with older people looking despondent, we see them smiling at a table together. From here, we move to a dance where the band is playing Caution live. Two young souls are aching to get lost in the night instead of the monotonous life they live back home. As we see the video play out, you feel yourself getting caught in the story. We get to move right along with it hoping to see what will play out when it’s over.

Find The Escape

What starts soft quickly becomes supercharged, and you find your eyes riveted to the screen. The shots move smoothly between the dance and the struggles to have freedom beyond the day to day. Done masterfully, you can see through the lingering glances and subtle nuances, that there is a more profound message. We see the older man looking like he wants to hide his face and cry. In another scene we see the girl looking upset that her father was unhappy with her.

Look closer still, and you’ll see her breathing deeply when staring at the sky. Watching it unmoving, it’s as if she wishes she could fly away. There are also small, all-knowing smiles, and when at the dance, it’s as if they’ve finally gained their freedom. Placing their heads together and laughing, the video ends with the music fading out. The last thing we get to see is an image of the young couple smiling together. The video is a perfect blend of subtle lyrics and excellent imagery and shouldn’t be missed. Check it out here,, and feel the wanderlust speak to your soul.

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