The Falling Doves: A Candid Conversation

The Falling Doves, a power rock group whose members span the globe are gearing up for a 2021 tour next year. Today marks the release date for their latest single, “Be My Lover,” and The Fusion Press’ Lauren Alexis Wood had the opportunity to sit down and chat with lead singer Chris Leyva to learn more about this unbelievable band whose live shows rock crowds around the world.

In speaking with Chris, the story of the band’s origins truly amazed me.

“The band started as a concept in London England. I went for what you would call a writer’s holiday. I was working with RMN records and they wanted a band name and one morning I found myself looking at a newspaper from the Hindu Times over breakfast. There was an article on Falling Doves all over in Italy and so it just stuck ya know? I put the first informal version of the band together in 2013. Fast forward to today and the band is a collection of touring and international professional musicians who are not just friends but family, with chapters as far as UK, Australia, Mexico and Tokyo. We all contribute by writing, recording and performing. It’s very special to all of us, like a Rock & Roll club. Last time I counted there were sixty active members.”

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Completely unbelievable! So, how does this collective group get crowds on their feed worldwide I wondered.

“Touring Internationally keeps you on your toes. No crowd is the same but after touring in Japan & Germany you learn to approach music in a completely different stratosphere depending on the location of your show. For example? The Germans want you to rock them and the Japanese expect excellence that will either make you or break you. We have been blessed to perform in over 29 countries but I would love to play at Red Rocks in Colorado.”

Next, Chris and I discussed their collaborative creative process. Where they draw inspiration for new music and the fuel behind their unique process.

“Composing is and has always been based on concept. For example? Our latest effort was supposed to be for Warm Audio Microphones as a marketing stunt that ended up becoming a full record. We ended up with a mad amount of tunes and melodies, so Andre (Carrera, the band’s current resident bassist) and I just went to town writing. I like to travel and keep moving around and living life to find content, but we “Lennon & McCartney write,” which means we both either sit together and write from scratch or throw in chords and finish each other songs. We also complement them in the studio with arrangements.”

So what have The Falling Doves been up to? How have they weathered the Pandemic and what lies ahead? Chris filled me in.

“We have never been busier in our life. You would think we would get a break, right? We just completed 3 full length albums, 4 live concert EPs, 3 CD’s of covers and two other collaboration CD’s. By the end of the year we will be looking at 13 releases, not bad right? We also finished 10 music videos and our big big project, The Falling Doves Virtual World Tour will be launching soon. We are recording 4 live, exclusive, high production, streaming concerts that fans will be able to watch. They will be able to purchase tickets and merch, just like at a live show, and the money will go to support venues around the world and Music Cares.”

Check out the world premier of The Falling Doves latest single release HERE.

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