STYX & REO Speedwagon – St. Louis – June 3, 2022

I’ve seen and taken photos of STYX and REO Speedwagon for a few years now, and being from Chicago myself they have always been a favorite of mine. Throughout the countless concerts that I’ve taken photos of, the two bands are always fun to take photos of because you never know what you’re going to get.

To show exactly what I mean. After the other 2 photographers and myself were done taking photos of STYX, one said “I didn’t know they would move so much, especially the blonde singer (Tommy Shaw)”. Which is the correct response if you go to a concert for a band that has been performing for 40+ years and most of the members are in their 60s.

You would never think that these guys would move around the stage as if they were playing for the first time, which always makes it an exciting photoshoot! I’ve taken photos of bands that are in their 30s and they don’t move around even twice as much.

It wasn’t just STYX that had guys moving around, REO Speedwagon and lead-singer Kevin Cronin were getting the crowd at Maryland Heights hyped up! With each song, the sold-out crowd would sing back to the bands making them play louder and at times move around even more.

If you haven’t seen either band live, you have to. Not only are you seeing two bands that have been around for decades but you’re seeing bands that have had multiple top hits; REO Speedwagon with 7 and STYX with 4.

Check them out as they are continuing their tour with Loverboy until September 18th. Tickets can be bought online today on either STYX or REO Speedwagon’s site!

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