PAYDAY: Teen Angst Meets Suburban Thug

PAYDAY: Teen Angst Meets Suburban Thug

PAYDAY is not your typical teen.

The young lyricist with striking red hair and a Punky Brewsteresque sense of style was raised by a single father in Seattle where she currently resides. However, having spent time in the South and Southern California her music (a pumped-up fusion of Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and sweetheart rap) sounds 100% West Coast sunshine.

However, PAYDAY started young and she’s already put several years into her craft. At just twelve years old she bought herself a $14 computer microphone at WalMart to begin making her own recordings to compete with neighborhood friends while experimenting with her voice. She started by pirating songs by her favorite artists like Tyler the Creator, Lil’ Uzi Vert and Tierra Whack, quickly gaining an International following as part of an Internet musicians group with young creators worldwide.

In 2009 she saw her first rise to near-fame with ‘Super Thicc’ which has since surpassed 500K streams and she’s only growing in popularity, both online and in her local music scene.

The video for “Molang”

—watch it here, is also from her debut EP P.U.K.E. Tape Vol. 1, out now, with subsequent P.U.K.E. Tapes forthcoming.   The “Molang” video was made in collaboration with Millimages, the French animation studio that created the eponymous animated children’s series about the friendship of a friendly rabbit Molang and a little yellow chick Piu Piu. In the video, PAYDAY’s singing and raps soundtrack animations of Molang’s and Piu Piu’s heartwarming bond.

The video for “Molang” follows PAYDAY’s debut single and video “Disneyland,” which highlights the balance between her “pure, innocent and wholesome” singing voice and her ability to “rap by going off the rails more intricately and impressively than probably anyone her age and even many older artists,” according to Lyrical Lemonade. The video for Disneyland is a teen anthem to love lost and found, skateboarding through whichever ‘hood you happen to live and an ode to teen ups and downs in a catchy, radio-worthy melody. Her voice is poppy, yet clean. And her style and skill pushes her towards much more experienced mainstream artists.

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