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Life Is A Series of Scattered Storms

If you are ready to experience a band that stays true to themselves and embraces the wonder of music, you should be listening to Good Bison. Their new EP Scattered Storms will be debuting this February, while their lead single is already available. Pablo Alvarez has a fantastic music career and is a musician with a great story.

He moved a lot before coming to the United States. He was born in Columbia but then lived in Cuba for four years. After that, he moved to Egypt for a year before going back to Columbia. He has vague but vibrant memories of those times and says he feels grateful that he got to see different parts of the world and learn about other cultures. Pablo loves Columbia and thinks it’s the most beautiful country. When he can travel, he says he wants to explore more of the country and see all of it.

He has also broken an impressive record, and it was a unique experience for him. Getting the longest marathon freestyle record made him proud. What might shock people is that he hadn’t intended to get into the book of world records. The process was exhausting and took its toll, but looking back, he sees it as a wonderful memory that makes him proud.

Scattered Storms

Scattered Storms is the latest EP and comes from a place of Pablo wanting to make something.  As 2020 was such a different time and no one could go anywhere and perform, he wanted to make the most of his time. After releasing Nowhere To Go, he felt motivated to continue creating. With Scattered Storms, he took inspiration from growing up in Miami. In Miami, he says the weather can be unpredictable. Some mornings it rains, and some days you get the sun. He says that every day is filled with scattered storms.

The message behind Scattered Storms is to appreciate the good times you have and appreciate and learn from the bad ones. You don’t know what’s coming your way next. You may get a storm cloud, but they don’t stay forever. It may change your day, but maybe you’ll be able to dance in the rain. Pablo thinks that instead of letting negativity win, we need to find meaning and use it to move forward and to grow. Never lose hope. That message is also the idea behind the upside-down smiley face stickers.

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Behind Scattered Storms

Trying to be as self-reliant as possible, he has a home studio. However, the difference with the pandemic is that they couldn’t get together the way they could before. Using Facetime and emails, they ensured that the sound was exactly what they wanted and made sure to keep pushing through.

A true lover of music, Pablo loves different genres of music at any given point. Throughout his new EP, however, he was taken back into a rock sound. He loves instruments and having other musician’s creativity carrying over into the music. While he’s also a fan of hip-hop, electronic, and others, at the moment, he’s passionate about rock music, which can encompass so many different ideas and sounds because it’s so broad.

While he doesn’t have a favorite song that he has recorded, his current song is always on his heart. However, when he goes back to an older piece, he remembers the love he has for it and his experiences. At the current moment, he’s in love with Black Garlic as well as Scattered Storms.

Feel The Music

Fans have described his music as a soundtrack to life, which makes him happy as that’s how he consumes music. His love of music changes between genres, eras, and between how he’s feeling at any given moment. His music likewise is the same way. An example is his latest album. He hadn’t set out to write a rock record or anything in particular. With no clear vision, it was just the personal soundtrack to his life. When he listens to the music, there is a story you can follow even though each piece is so different.

In the past two years, he listened to the music of the sixties, seventies, eighties and watched Youtube live performances. He would listen to bands like The Cure or musicians such as Tom Petty. In the mindset of the latest EP, however, he unplugged himself and his usual listening habits. He does listen to the radio, though, and hops around the different stations.

Pablo writes music that is true to himself. He thinks that it can be challenging to make something for yourself because of all the expectations and pressure to sound a certain way. However, when Pablo makes music, he makes music that pours out of him without worrying about anything else. Parts of himself will shine through with his writing, and he will always make sure that he’s writing about something real. That concept is so essential to Pablo, and he wouldn’t consider writing something that didn’t hold true to his own experiences. He often doesn’t even know what he’s writing about when he’s doing the actual writing. It takes over, and it’s a very personal experience for him.

With this project, the visuals are being focused on just as much as the music. He’s been working with a visual director, and they have elevated the presentation. By working together, they could translate the message of the music visually as well as through audio. Pablo is so proud of how everything has come out, and he hopes that people can get the same feeling listening to the music as you are looking at the cover art, which offers a cohesive vibe.

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Let’s Go On A Drive

While he says he’s not sure he has a hidden talent to share, he does have talent as a writer and thinks that most people may not suspect that. Since he could hold a pen, he’s been writing stories and loves fiction and writing it. He wants to publish a novel later on, but his heart is always with his music. He has written for magazines and a plethora of other venues and outlets. In addition to that, he would like to work on a television show someday. A book is definitely in the cards for the future, he says, though he is unsure when that will be just yet.

In his downtime, he likes spending time with his dog, and they go on hikes together. He also enjoys driving and listening to music as he does so. Because he lives in Los Angeles, he is fortunate to have so many different sights and landscapes near him. He’s close to the ocean or the mountains. When it’s possible to do so, he loves seeing live music and hanging out with his friends. He watches a lot of television, but his favorite recent show is Schitt’s Creek. He loves authentic comedies, but not overly done to the point of sappiness.

Mulholland Drive goes through Hollywood Hills, and you can go all the way to Encino quite easily. It’s a beautiful drive for him because there is so much to see, and it’s easy to see why it has quickly become a favorite. From valleys to the town and lights, it’s a beautiful piece of land. He laughs, telling me that he stumbled onto it though the street is not a mystery.

What The Future Holds

The rest of 2021 will be spent pushing this project and other new music he hopes to release. He misses performing live, but since that is not an option, the band plans to stay busy online. A live session with the fans is also something in the works and sure to keep the fans in the know about upcoming projects. 

Ultimately, Pablo looks at his music as not creating fans, but he thinks they are building a community as we’re all in this together. In listening to his music, he says you will gain a sense of what it is like to hang out with him in person. Pablo is grateful to everyone who has supported him, whether it’s now or if you have supported him in the past. Pablo says there is a long road ahead, and he loves getting to walk it with everyone.

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