Are you sick of watching the music world through the computer screen? We are too! Unfortunately, right now we are in a position where we can’t go to shows and enjoy live music, but there is something we can do about it. #MASKNOWPARTYLATER is going to bring live events so that we can all rock out together. With the CDC recommending that everyone wear a mask for our protection and others, we are bringing your attention to this issue to get back to live events safely. We are teaming together as creators, vendors, athletes, and artists, including, to create change during this time.

Join us in taking the pledge to wear your mask now so we can party like rockstars later! That lets everyone be happy and get what they want. We can bring back live events, but we need to join together to make it happen! #MASKNOWPARTYLATER is about staying everyone staying safe so that we can get our music on!

Wondering what you can do to help out? We’ve got you. Here is what you can do to put this plan into action! From August 19th to the 21st, Instagram and Facebook will be raising awareness to encourage everyone to take the initiative and share the stories with everyone you know!

The more recognition we can garner, the better so be sure to share the news with friends and family! By wearing our masks and social distancing, we are doing our part to bring back music, the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. For additional details about #MASKNOWPARTYLATER, check out

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