LAUREN SANDERSON drops her latest album this week.

LAUREN SANDERSON Announces New Album and 2021 Tour

LAUREN SANDERSON, the 24-year old, Indiana native, is set out to impact the world in the raw, fearless way we’ve been waiting for. Truly embodying what it means to be a DIY artist, Lauren took control of 2020 and wrote six brand new songs that will be released this Friday, August 21st on the Deluxe Edition of her debut full-length album Midwest Kids Can Make It Big

Combining influences from pop to R&B to rock to hip-hop and everything in between, Lauren’s music is just like her personality – unable to be contained in one box or defined by a label. Lauren may be bold and rebellious, but her down to earth spirit and outspoken belief in others is bringing a community together.

“6 new songs and all I wanna say is be your f*ckin self,” Sanderson shares with fans ahead of Friday’s release.“Feel it all and trust your process. You can do everything you wanna do in this life. Just be real with yourself.”

Fans got a taste of new music from LAUREN SANDERSON with last week’s release of “Frustrated”, a moody groove that has been praised by fans and press alike. Featuring the slick R&B vibes that have propelled Lauren to the top of playlists around the world, the new single also welcomes synth-pop and rock vibes reminiscent of artists like Miley Cyrus, LANY, Post Malone, The Neighbourhood, SZA, all of which have influenced Sanderson. 

Fans can stream “Frustrated” at and check out the music video, here:

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