Kitty Cohen debuts Dark Soul
Kitty Cohen’s Dark Soul

Austin, TX-based psychedelic disco cowgirl, Kitty Cohen, serves up a raw and real taste of western sex appeal in the new music video for her debut single “Dark Soul”. With a vibrant array of color and a personality to match, the alt-pop song comes to life in a very surreal way. Her haunting rock ‘n roll vocals combine with fierce cowgirl energy, placing Cohen in a genre that sways between electro-pop and alt-rock, carving out her own piece of the wild west of musical possibility.

Behind the Track

Influenced by Tame Impala and STRFKR, the 22-year-old has a wavy and moody but strong approach to songwriting — an ambitious femme presence that lends to a spooky, otherworldly aura. Kitty Cohen says, ‘“The vibe of the video is disco cowgirl realness. I wanted to take the viewer on a psychedelic trip through the mind of Kitty Coen. “Dark Soul” is a song about being in love or Infatuated with something at first glance because of its beauty but then realizing that nothing is as it seems.”

Sharing more on the importance of this song as her debut Cohen adds, “This release of music is a coming-out party for tunes I’ve had in my soul for a while. As an artist who took some time to perfect her sound, I feel that the music I’m putting out in the coming months is introducing my voice and style to the world. The stories and themes have been acquired over my life. Growing up in a small Texas town I was exposed to a lot of country music that influenced my western aesthetic, but this isn’t country, its more like Dolly Parton on an acid trip.”

She adds, “‘Dark Soul” is basically a warning label to any potential suitors who might think I’m all smiles and rainbows. Just because I seem sweet at first doesn’t mean I always am. Especially with relationships that don’t let me breathe. I’m an independent woman and if you want to be with an independent woman you have to accept one thing: they don’t need you. “Dark Soul” was originally a song I wrote on acoustic guitar in my friend’s garage. But as I performed it live I realized I wanted it bigger and ultimately better. I went to Nashville to work on it with my producer and we re-worked it into a western disco dance track.”

The Music Video

To capture this energy, the video opens with a sky that burns with orange hues, as Cohen drives down an open highway. As if starring in the latest Tarantino film, her fiery red hair echoing the colors in the sky above her, she twists along the bends of the highway to the rhythm of the song. Fun Fact: She learned to drive that manual muscle car in one day for that shoot. She parks, steps out in leopard-print pumps and enters a smokey, neon world filled with bubbles, palms and a glitterful burst of color. She also takes viewers for a dip in her pool, dancing as lasers flash across a desert landscape.

High fashion glam and attitude make this song and video the perfect balance of sugar and spice. Stay tuned for more Kitty Cohen in 2020.

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