King Khan and Malik Rahim for Global Solidarity Forever

King Khan’s Global Solidarity Forever is a Philanthropic Endeavor that is as Unique and Varying as the Man Himself

The Raucous Rockstar Shines a Spotlight on Causes Close to His Heart…and Ass

The man who needs no introduction, the one and only high priest and purveyor of punk-funk, lost-and-found love songs, the Supreme Genius, the Blacksnake himself, King Khan, who is known for rocking audiences by fronting bands from King Khan and the Shrines to The King Khan & BBQ Show, is turning his big brown heart and serpent-like attention towards altogether alms-giving. 

Now has come the moment for the enigmatic performer to show his true persona with his new, altruistic endeavor to put politics aside and bring people together. Like everything he does, King Khan is tackling activism in his own unique way. He started Global Solidarity Forever to unite international artists to global causes. The main mission was linking up with activist Malik Rahim for Just Insulin, which springboarded several other concentrated campaigns that aim to make this world a better and safer place. 

The Frontlines of Global Solidarity Forever

Global Solidarity Forever (GSF) is an artist collective that seeks to spread its message by commissioning, promoting, and selling artwork (literature, music, film, limited edition screenprint art, and illustrations) from international artists, donated to the GSF. The goal is to collect and use the profits from each and every art piece to help further the global solidarity movement, which is exactly what it sounds like: a world in which people stick together. Fueled by the music of the Warumpi Band and the Sun Ra Arkestra, GSF wishes to honor musicians, activists, and artists who have sacrificed their lives to fight injustice all over the planet. 

King Khan’s

Just Insulin

King Khan teamed up with lifelong activist, Malik Rahim, to create Just Insulin with the intention of raising money to provide much-needed insulin to the COVID-devastated folks of the 15th Ward in Algiers, New Orleans. You can help out by donating, buying a Just Insulin T-Shirt, or purchasing one of Khan’s Black Power Tarot decks

Toxic Shock to the System

From the Save the Wetlands Initiative, which seeks to replant tall grass that helps in absorbing debris from hurricanes and lighten the damage done, to the Ass Water Initiative, which was created to inform the general public about the overuse of toilet paper and promote hygienic ways of self-cleaning using plain water, King Khan has his hands in a vast array of causes and concerns, both globally and locally centered. He is even pushing to inform the public about the dangers linked to tampons with the Diva Cup of Destiny Initiative, thus providing access to healthy alternatives to feminine hygiene. 

“The GSF was founded by myself and Malik Rahim celebrating the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Here is your chance to make a real difference in the world and enjoy some high quality art all at the same time. We are spreading our message to the world and making an amazing artist community hell bent on helping the suffering huddled masses with unconditional love.”

– King Khan (CEO and cofounder of the GSF)

No Regrets

To listen to anything King Khan produces is an experience (to see him live is a whole other bag of hammers), and the same goes for his charitable generosity. With King Khan, you know it is going to be something unique, visceral, and all-powerful. Just like his live act, GSF will grab you by the heart and the balls, not letting go until you see the world the way King Khan sees it…as fun and funky, but fraught with peril, yet not without worth of saving.

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