John Salaway Rocks City Winery

If you were in Nashville on February 21, then you got to see a real treat. John Salaway was playing there. Following the safety precautions for Covid, there was limited capacity and distance in the seating. Masks were also worn to protect the guests in accordance with the guidelines. Fans were delighted to support their favorite artists, and the event promised to be a showstopper. They had also invited all ages with the doors opening at 5 PM for the show at 7.

An Accomplished Musician

John holds the title of being one of Nashville’s most accomplished musicians. With the ability to play multiple instruments, his shows are engaging, interesting, and worthwhile. His performances draw in the crowds because of his animated personality. He offers listeners a unique experience as he has honed a diverse sound while also offering music that makes people feel inspired.

His voice is smooth and offers a soft, melodic cadence that makes the audience relax and feel almost soothed with his lyrics. While playing at the City Winery, the music worked perfectly in unison with his voice without overpowering John. As a result, you could see the audience singing along and bobbing to the beat as the show went on. From the second he arrived on stage, fans knew they were about to hear something special as he made jokes that immediately got the crowd laughing before diving into his first song.

Entranced By His Voice

As he plays, the audience grows quiet, almost utterly hushed as they listen to him play. Switching back and forth from a full band to just the piano and violin to accompany him, he takes you from music that will have you on your feet dancing to the beat to wanting to cry when he begins to croon. Heads sway gently as they keep the timing of the song, and throughout the show, you will see that the audience was utterly entranced, not wanting to break the spell.

He pleased fans by playing crowd favorites and offering his unique spin. In particular, the room was utterly silent as he played Come Together as they were enjoying his take so much. He also sang The Beauty That Surrounds Us, which was met with great applause when he and the band were finished as each singer’s voice complemented the others perfectly. It was a soft cadence that lifted the audience’s spirit and helped make an already great show a triumph.

A Night He’ll Never Forget

When the show ended, he thanked everyone for giving him a night he’d never forget. In return, they responded by offering thunderous applause to show him how much he’d rocked the City Winery.

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