Flux Psyche: A Candid Conversation

Cover Art for their first major single.

Flux Psyche (AKA Nat), a musician out of Los Angeles, recently sat down with The Fusion Press’ Lauren Alexis Wood to discuss their unique sound.

The first question at hand was to discover where Nat got their start in music.

“My mom got me my first casio which I still use now at just 11 years old when we saw it on display at Costco. I started using it to pick out melodies by ear for songs like “and I love her” by The Beatles, and I played them whenever I was bored. From the time I was even younger I was singing constantly, which is a skill I learned from my grandma — she always sang “Purple People Eater” to me before bed. All that said, I didn’t actually start getting serious about music until Fall 2019. It was always a dream that I had, but as I was participating in my high school theatre class without any money for a vocal coach or music lessons, I started to feel out of my depth. It became unattainable for me to go that route and I gave up for a time. It wasn’t until I started learning how to produce in GarageBand just over a year ago that I even considered making my own music from top to tail. I surprised myself with how at home I felt in a digital audio workstation and how quickly I learned. I still have a lot to learn but I know now that I can do it, because I *am* doing it. And doing a pretty good job if I do say so myself.”

Next I was curious to find out their musical influences.

“Oh man, I always have such a hard time answering this! I have a lot of influences, and kind of a weird taste in music. Artists as far removed from each other as Charli XCX and Pink Floyd have played important rolls in my musical journey, but recently, I’ve been inspired in my own work by Beach House, Massive Attack, FKA Twigs, and even Boards of Canada. I feel like that would explain a lot to my musically literate fans, lol.”

So where can we hear Flux Psyche and how can we support this artist?

“I am streaming on all major platforms! It makes my day when I get a follow on any streaming or social media platform. Also if you save my music on Spotify, that’s very useful as well. And of course, buying from bandcamp is super helpful for me because then I can make more music for you all.”

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So, who is on Nat’s playlist right now?

“The Migraine Aura’s Debut EP is great! I’m really excited for Alice Glass’s new album because I love her new single. The new Boy Jr single is a bop of course! And I can’t forget to mention the Toro y Moi remix of “Hit Me Where It Hurts” by Caroline Polachek (ft. Chino Moreno). Other than that, I’m going back through other more classic catalogues for my musical education (Aphex Twin, PC Music, Cibo Matto).”

I was curious, who would be their dream collab?

“Probably someone like Charli XCX because I’m always pushing myself to be more experimental. Charli is really such an innovator and I have a ton of respect for that. (Also she’s just so COOL)”

I also asked what Flux Psyche favorite venue happened to be.

“Honestly, this is a weird one, but…. Jupiter Brewery in Berkeley. I love some beer and pizza with my music and I just have so many good memories there!”

As for their plans for 2021?

“Hopefully I’ll find some way to fund my music more successfully, but regardless I’m planning many releases already. I know I will be coming out with some singles, collabs, covers, and hopefully another big release. I’m hoping to go viral on tiktok too – wish me luck!”

Most importantly? Their advice for aspiring musicians:

“Know your worth.”

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