Carver Commodore’s Payton Pruitt: A Candid Conversation

Carver Commodore frontman Payton Pruitt talks with The Fusion Press’ Lauren Alexis Wood on their latest single, a new album in the works and what the band has been up to during the Pandemic.

Today marks the release of Carver Commodore’s latest single, and the first track of their forthcoming album (due out sometime next spring/summer), “Cancel Culture” LISTEN HERE. “My hope was to get canceled for writing this song.” frontman Payton Pruitt joked when we sat down to chat earlier this week.

The song, an upbeat, driving rock banger calls out the overuse and now ineffective monotony of cancel culture. What was once a key statement in calling out those in the wrong and a way to silence those overpowering voices who couldn’t be heard became a knee-jerk social media stunt and pop-culture reference bringing cancel culture to a toxic and unproductive level. When justice was once served now there is just noise.

The song also has a double meaning in light of the events of this past year. Considering the current cultural landscape maybe some cancellations are in order and Carver Commodore is just the band to throw sounds to the conversation.

The song is the first single off a new record currently in session. “We’re about 2/3 of the way through recording the album. I started writing this album near the beginning of the year and there’s a lot of me in this album, but there are other characters as well.” Pruitt explained. Something we can all understand, facing different challenges and roles throughout the ups and downs of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What can we expect next from the band? “A song called “Welcome to the Modern World” will open the new album. It’s a lot about what the world has become around us. I’m a Millennial and my life was normal until 9-11, then normal until 2008, then Trump happened and I just don’t know if things are ever going to be normal again. Things have just been escalating since. These songs get into how all of that really feels, to be living through this.”

Additionally, the band’s alter-ego, the Pontiac Sunfires will be releasing a few country versions of their songs around Halloween. The band also has their signature-style merchandise available on social media, with new designs planned in the coming months.

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