Bothering the Band - Louis DeFabrizio

Louis DeFabrizio is one of a kind. Not only is he a musician, he’s also an artist, a businessman, a father, a husband, and super chill in the best ways! His band Gasoline Heart, a raucous rock-n-roll band originally from Orlando, Florida, but now rocking out in Brooklyn put out 2 awesome albums in 2020. He is a prolific gentleman and we are happy to bother him this week for Bothering the Band.

1. When’s the last time you kicked something?

I’ve punched quite a few things, but the last time I kicked something was when my car wouldn’t start and I went full soccer style kicking a huge dent into my own car.

2. What kind of gas do you put in moving trucks?

You don’t put gas into a truck you put Diesel.

3. What’s one thing no one knows about Orlando, Florida?

It’s actually a pretty fun, little quirky town that has some pretty rad bars, and now these great electric rental scooters that are so damn fun to jerk around on.

4. Have you ever driven a forklift?

I have not. Have you? how is it?

5. In your opinion, what is the best bar in Brooklyn?

Best bar or favorite bar? two totally different questions. Rocka Rolla is my go to but that place has gotten me in trouble before.

6. What is your favorite sound?


7. What’s harder, having twin boys or moving a piano to a 5th floor walk-up?

They are both very similar: Hard as fuck, could potentially kill you. They are very expensive so you can not drop either, it’s very rewarding once you get that piano safely up 5 flights, just as it’s very rewarding when you connect with your kids and have a moment with them. With a Piano I can get up there with two other guys in about 30-45 minutes, where these two are gonna be with me for a long time. So I’m gonna say the kids are harder.

8. If you found an old stray dog and took it in, what would you name it?

LAMONTE! That’s what I wanted to name one of the twins but the Mrs. said no.

9. Have you ever been comfortably anxious?

Comfortable anxious? What’s that?

10. When’s the last time you were in big trouble?

Probably saying something stupid at the bar, trying to be funny pushing it a bit too far and then the next day getting hit with a massive shame over of “MY GOD, WHAT DID I SAY?”

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