Bothering the Band with Lauren Denitzio of Worriers

Photo by Rebecca Lader

As a fan first and journalist second, I was thrilled to bother the primary songwriter and driving force of Worriers, a fantastic, yet difficult to pin down, melodic punk band, whose relatable new record, You Or Someone You Know is worthy of repeat rotations, especially during this dystopian moment (I like to listen to it in the mornings). Besides rocking out, Lauren Denitzio is also a talented interdisciplinary artist, whose visual art focuses on the reimagining of women, non-binary, and queer folks in their domestic spaces. Like the art and music Lauren makes, this bothersome interview is epic, with answers that will have you re-reading, reflecting and rollerskating to Waffle House.

1. Have you ever lost a bet?

I can’t remember legitimately losing a bet as an adult but when I was a really little kid, I was friends with this kid who wouldn’t stop insisting he was going to go to Harvard one day. We were maybe 6 years old and this was ridiculous to me, so I bet him a million dollars he wasn’t going to go to Harvard. I found out later he absolutely went to Harvard. So, Brad, I guess I owe you a million dollars?

2. When’s the last time you fell while rollerskating?

Not since I was a kid! I went rollerskating last year and didn’t fall once, but I was holding someone’s hand almost the entire time so I’m not sure if that counts.

3. What restaurant has your favorite taco?

There’s a place in Austin that we went to on tour that has the best breakfast tacos I’ve ever had but I can’t remember what it’s called! Second place is Home State in Los Angeles, third is Gueros in Brooklyn; their fried avocado tacos are amazing.

4. Have you ever taken the subway in LA?

Yes! I took it all the time when I didn’t have a car here and it’s great. It’s a lot cleaner than the one in New York and much less crowded. As far as American subways go, 10/10, would recommend.

5. If the world were ending tomorrow, what would you do today?

Drive to the canyons in Utah with the windows down singing along to everything really loudly.

6. Denny’s or IHOP or Waffle House?

Waffle House, that’s not a real question.

7. What’s the thing you like to illustrate the most?

I like drawing portraits of queer folks and weird plants. That’s my jam.

8. Why exactly would you make a terrible boyfriend?

As much as I’m a huge romantic, I think “boyfriend” in the really heteronormative, monogamous sense is something I fail at royally and avoid at all costs. Just trust me. I’m a Scorpio and very often a loner and it just doesn’t work.

9. Where would you rather own a pet store, Williamsburg or Silver Lake?

I would own a pet supply store in Silver Lake (one that doesn’t sell animals because that’s terrible) in a heartbeat. They’re both disgustingly hip neighborhoods but I have spent too much time in Williamsburg and have a very low entitlement tolerance there.

10. What is your biggest worry this week?

How I’m going to potentially adopt a puppy and also record in my apartment in the next 30 days.

Bothering the Band with Lauren Denitzio of Worriers
Photo by Rebecca Lader

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